Grime on rise in America?


Nahh trap isnt american grime… because grime is just Mcing over native british electronic music at 140. The closest we would have to grime is Hip House and that never caught on. Or rapping over footwork or club…however nobody is really doing either atm.


Probably a better way to explain it imo is that grime emerged to fill the void of lyricism over newly created electronic styles. Trap was simply an evolution of an existing genre. A better native analogue to grime would be rap-metal or rap-rock.


lol what the fuck are you talking about?


come on lol, no way.

I would say trap is the US’ underground electronic club music. Like you can trace it back to three 6 mafia tracks that don’t even have verses, just beats that switch every 16 bars with repeated samples, and then when you go further back it’s miami bass etc.

It’s a shame you guys don’t have that same culture of getting in the club to “rave” in that same way but trap is electronic music to me. All the “yeah, aye, turn up” adlib type rap is basically what toasting on jungle or grime is. Listen to old sets with MCs, repeating bars and going “wot, wot, wot, insideeee” etc, that’s not too different musically from a trap song where half the verse is adlibs. People used to complain about UK MC’s precisely cos there were so many rappers who could barely spit bars while the US had smooth ass flowing rappers like Dipset or Jay-z at the time, but now US rap is getting more like that lol.

at least imo


Nah I know just sayin it’s it’s kinda “equivalent” in the sense that it’s “exclusively American”.


Grime is just the adoption of the form (spitting bars) with different stylistic underpinnings.

That the form itself is largely American in origin though doesn’t mean it “belongs” to America. If you wan get all clinical, who was the first American-style MC? Was it Kool Herc? Was it Blowfly or the Fatback Band or The Last Poets? Was it Jamaican DJs chattin’ over record way back into the 60’s? Was it the Golden Gate Quartet or some obscure little sidepocket style only for hipsters never committed to vinyl going all the way back to the 30’s?

Does it matter?

Like what you like. Names… I swear. Genre-fication is Gentrification y’all.


Nightbus Through Babylon


What im trying to say is that Hip hop-Trap is different from grime because the precedent was set with hip hop before hand. It was just an evolution of an existing ideal.

Grime imo is different because the genre came about from different pieces that had no precedent beforehand ie people spitting bars over jungle and garrage.

Imo grime is basically how hip hop wouldve sounded if it emerged after electronic music became established. Like a revisitation of its roots


That’s an interesting take. Can’t say I know enough about the origins of grime to argue or affirm that point. To my mind the musical elements in the gumbo are almost an afterthought to the general form that is MCing; I’ve seen people spit bars in dozens of languages over a million different musical styles.

I guess the reason this is even being discussed is becuz this is ostensibly an electronic music forum, eh…

Given how abstract some US and international hip hop is becoming it seems like musical novelty is a department where grime shouldn’t just rest on its laurels, and thankfully with UK electronic music there’s a pretty deep well to tap.

Now: can we get lyrics that are about something more meaningful than money/cars/hoes/jewelry/shoes? Not even looking for political consciousness at this point, just waiting for someone to say something fucking interesting. There’s that one recent track, forget its name right now, dude talking about his experience of “blackness” vs. societal perception… that one’s cool.


^^^ replying to the posts above, trap has always been an iffy genre for me (don’t know how many times I’ve said that here). Mostly talking about it’s relation with club music, not 808-Mafia / deep South type rap. First heard about trap around 2013-ish when Harlem Shake was a meme, but it wasn’t my thing at the time. Don’t get me wrong, Baauer is an amazing producer and is many levels above the many bait soundcloud trapheads out there, but I didn’t like how the scene almost came out of nowhere and then people where jumping on the bandwagon. Brostep producers were suddenly making “festival trap” which has the same screech synths as brostep but at a slower tempo and 808s / hi-hat triplets. But then again I remember in the old-DSF there was this thread called “Future bass / 808 music” which basically predicted the huge scene jump way before “trap” got popular.

But now that things have simmered down, I’d say trap’s a genre that really influenced club music in the UK for the past couple years. This is especially evident with Silk Road Assassins (grime producers making low-slung sci-fi esque trap beats) and a lot of grime / road rap MCs. Pick a random track from a new grime MC and chances are they’ll be spitting bars on a trap beat just as well as they do on a grime track.


No that’s not trap that’s just shit.

Trap is the stuff u mentioned influenced by dirty south etc or like Gucci mane etc. All the new shit is amazing imo tho I’m not big into the older stuff. Here is some cool tunes.


Sorry as well Dave that wasn’t in reply to the bids u posted which are cool it’s I’m reply to dance music inspired trap which all sucks balls


do you even listen to hip hop/rap? I mean of course there are lyricists out there just as there are dudes like the ones sam posted who do that sort of outsider trap (as in actual trap) ■■■■■ thing as well as the more mainstream rappers who have little/nothing to say. I don’t really listen 2 much to hip hop so I can’t give you any examples lol but I know for a fact there are quite ambitious lyricists in the game


I really don’t care if I’m listening to the 9th track in a row about fucking bitches, extendo clips and takin xans, it’s all about the picture the track paints in your head


Yeah, I know they’re out there…

Which is why it’s a pity I rarely hear them - anywhere. Here, mainstream, w/e.

RIP Spaceape.


I have to admit a lot of dance music inspired trap is plain garbage. It’s just another EDM trend, the same people who wore “sex drugs dubstep” shirts are now rocking “real trap shit” snapbacks.

However, I have to admit that the guys who started all of this before everyone else (Baauer, TNGHT) were making some really big waves. What they were doing was fun and unique (before everyone started jumping on their styles). In retrospect they made some bangers. Baauer’s debut LP Aa is pretty good, it shows he has enough musical expertise outside of making memetic trap anthems.


I would probs exclude baauer and deffo tnght. Love tnght. There’s a few of those guys who were very good but 98% of it is trash.

Yaow by baauer is a banger and that roll up remix.

But yea


- Extendo Man, 24.12.16


What ever happened to that shit about Drake signing with BBK? I assume nothing. But yeah any tunes ever come out of that?