Grime on rise in America?


Opinionated sources on urban dictionary said its characterized by wobbles unlike the earlier dubstep. I find that hard to believe because when i first discovered skream, i heard his song called “Make Me.” That song isnt full of wob wobs?


I know im not an expert on music, but are those people just uneducated or is it me thats uneducated on this topic?


Zomboy and Skrillex are examples of brostep


I know. Skrillex is the first thing i think ofvwhen i see the word. Mind telling me what subgenre doompy poomp is? Sounds awesome. That makes me believe it when people say he was inspired by aphex.


The thing about edm and dubstep is that most people are pretty friendly and will try to help you with your music. They offer you suggestions, advice, relatively constructive criticism… It all stems from that cheesy PLUR shit…it’s corny but it serves as a template for how most producers interact with each other.

In hip hop, there is no respect. Its ultra hostile…up and coming people are more likely to get ripped on than helped. Unless a famous star does something, your going to have a lot of haters if you try it. Many of the hip hop producers think they’re God and try hard to prove their superiority over other producers to the point of cringe. Also, a lot of hip hop producers are copying off of edm artists now…even though they once called them ■■■■ and losers


I think it actually originated on the old DSF circa 2008 or so.


I have heard of one that calls himself the Based God. Phigure touched him once.


Lil B!! Fuck yes


It’s not even the big ones… I know producers with 50 followers spamming pages acting like theyre the shit even though they are preset using pussies with 2 looped tracks on beat.


Yea Lil b came to my mind, as well. I think the based god thing is just humor. Not sure, though. If you listen to his music, it sounds like hes purposely trying to sound like an idiot. Even more than tyler the creator. But if you watch an interview of him, he doesnt seem so stupid. I dont really know him, though. I only seen like one interview.


Thats the hip hop spirit. Monkey cee. Monkey doo. Nas and some other guy made a parody video of the rappers of today. I cant seem to think of anything to help me find the video? You know what im talkin about? I seen clips of it but i want to watch the full thing.


Don’t let @Phigure and @hubb hear you say that.


Why not? Is he actually trying to sound serious?


Dont make me look for some of his lyrics and quote them. No way ANYONE can take that seriously. I mean, have you heard Like A Martian? XD I even listen to tyler the creator sometimes when i want to hear serious rap.


Lil B, I don’t know.

phigure and hubb… :badteeth:


Are they hardcore fans?


Mmmhmm…think Kozzee coined the term iirc


first mention I could find was wubstep using it on the old forum


back when grime dudes like skepta dizzee and wiley made their weird poppy shit in the late noughties youd think that would of had better appeal in the states. afaik they didnt

now cuz of the support from drizzy and yeezy theres a shitton of buzz on grime (mainly skeppy tho, who he does a lot of gigs stateside). of course the cool kidz there prolly rate grime already but apparently americans in general have some sort of issue with the british accent?? or something so I don’t think it’s gonna go mainstream. they prolly come up with some weird bastardized version of grime though Im sure of it

then again they already had american grime it’s called danny browns triple x mixtape lol


also that K9 trck ://( nothing like grime. you dont have that many mentions of the word “ni66a” ina grime tune