Grime Sets (Radio/Mixes/Live)

Stick your best sets in here: classics/mixes or new biz

Saw this today

This one gets absolutely battered (watch out for Footsie at 11 mins jeesars)

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I’m personally more into mixes than radio sets.(Depends a lot on the mc’s)

Kode9’s Sinogrime Mix, vibe is too much - the same goes for Nammy Wams’ Love Mix.
Personal favs of mine.


[SIZE=140][COLOR=gray]It’s Foundation[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=80][COLOR=black]Mix 022: LTHL[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[COLOR=blue][SIZE=70]Another artist that has caught our eye, LTHL getting support from Plastician, ARMA and Mssingno to name a few.

-:Free to download and stream:-[/SIZE][/COLOR]
1.LTHL - Perseids
2.Tony Phorse - Alert! (Artic Remix)
3.Merouac - Check Mate
4.Merouac - Maneki Neo
5.LTHL - Faux
7.Spurz - Choir Flex VIP
8.Ramadanman - Tumble vs Mumdance - Don’t Get Lemon (Sheik Blend)
9.A.T. - Henry VIII VIP
10.Sheik & Korma - C4
11.Sheik & LTHL - Questions (LTHL VIP)
12.Dark0 - Abrasion (Suicideyear Remix)
13.Gohda - Air Max '95
14.LTHL - 233[/COLOR]

[URL="”]LTHL’s Facebook[/URL]
[URL=“”]It’s Foundation Facebook[/URL]

Loved this set for years

this is hard, i don’t think flippy smallz drops a single tune he hasn’t bootlegged the fuck out of lol

plenty of good titch too, ‘im like bush, ur like blair’

trim in full metal jacket war mode + chef on deck spinning grime :sun_with_face:

In terms of old instrumentals; this mix can’t be touched.

yeee dl’d this the other week, meant to post it- too good

wiley on mic, sounds like a bunch of new wiley beats too, dont recognize any of em anyway

This set is gold. Double over some classic DMZ and other ish, even letting tunes breathe here and there.

oi when one of the bongos comes in 7 mins or so, they both SMASH IT TO BITS

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Whats the first one again? Swear i’ve got it - is it a Wizzbit beat

jam hot?



v big

just got Radio 1 residency too which is cool

that set is ill, i rinsed that daily a while back.
best thing about it is the intro though, i’m pretty sure d double does the MCing equivalent of mashing the keyboard

“its the dj gomes on deck and the d double e wonehmanhgjnanbjkasaaaaaaaaaaaaaan”

Dunno found that a bit of a weird watch, only got so much tolerance for these chopped n furious versions of classics

i feeel u, guess i’ve taken a while off these sets cos of that and now more on hearing this style??

i think also hearing them mixed fast and well with looooads of mc’s going mad over it makes it a lot more enjoyable too