Grime Sets (Radio/Mixes/Live)


Best set of 2016 potentially

Any one else got anyfing good?


Spyro & P Money was decent too, as was the Spyro instrumental set (gd end of the year for the guy)

Basically anything with PK on it 2



Yeah I rate Eyez nice nice


listening to this while playing some garry’s mod



Best guys pushing grime in Poland at the moment. Different tempos and styles, 140, bassline, garage. I wonder what it sounds like to British ears? :badteeth:


Sounds hard man, digging it a lot! I discovered some Spanish grime recently as well, shit’s legit


  1. intro
  2. corrupted crew- g.a.r.a.g.e [dj narrows remix] (red rose)
  3. youngstar- formula 2 (ddjs)
  4. bigshot- glitch (southside)
  5. dj oddz- gangsta (white)
  6. dizzee rascal- go (dirtee stank white)
  7. jon-e-cash- war vip (blackops white)
  8. slimzee and geeneus- log off (dump valve)
  9. outlaw breaks- nissi (left recordings)
  10. wiley- eskimo 2 (white)
  11. so solid- dilemma 2 (white)
  12. jammer- feedback (white)
  13. danny weed- creeper (white)
  14. dj wonder- 8th wonder (dump valve)
  15. wiley- snowball (white)
  16. bigshot- stomp (southside)
  17. musical mob- pulse y (white)
  18. dizzee rascal- i love u (white)
  19. dj wire- believe me remix (white)
  20. roll deep- roll deep regular instrumental (white)
  21. dj wire- the meltdown (white)
  22. alias- heat (white)
  23. musical mob- creeper refix (white)
  24. musical mob- bad bongo (white)
  25. mark one- tribesmen (texture)
  26. end productions- are you really from the ends? [vip remix] (white)
  27. dj narrows- saved soul vip (white)
  28. musical mob- salsa (musical mob royale recordings)
  29. dizzee rascal- hoe (dirtee stank white)
  30. dj oddz- unknown (white)
  31. roll deep/skepta- pulse eskimo (white)


This is very sick indeed