Guilty pleasures

Fuck yeah I’ve heard this one.
This is a sick one, banger as fuck m8.

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You guys don’t know about the Embers Breaks revival.

Serious tunes started happening.

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Anything revival is meh already for me, like the current ukg revival for example

I can see how it would sound fresh for younger ears, but my old ears are already bored of any revival

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embers breaks never died

I tried listening to some of it on DOA.
It was ok i guess

Revival was the wrong word because it never took off the first time.

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Bit of donk sirs

Not sure what this is classed as, but it always scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. Had it on repeat when it came out and forgot about it for a few years until yesterday

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always loved that purity ring x danny brown thing. so underrated

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The album it’s from is banging as well

wtf he had a song named dubstep on that album lol