Hi hats


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and you are right ofcourse but we wouldnt want their input on the truth - - rather fill them up with real stuff they can neglect. Don’t make it easy for them to refuse the physical world because a m8 has a hi-hat-link :cornlol: :cornlol:

And it’s not so much about keeping or removing it, like needing EQs but more about - superduper sick mixing imo

but I know the reason for the assumption and take it as a compliment ofcourse


I read, “superduck mixing.” I’m like, “hubb is on next level.”


side wagoned though



v easy way to get a bit more flutter and life in hi hats (obviously plenty other uses)

does anyone else want a useful youtube tutorials thread, just interesting shit to try


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best spambot ever


musicians in my area



rip nowaysj




Ti think it was noways’ last post on here (or one of his last and few posts on the newdsf) a few posts up

edit: nvm, this was his last post :cornlol:

but, i think that seeing an old noways post is why sam said rip




I struggle with hi hats. They sound good until I step out the room and back in and they’re jangling off beat

Dunno why it replied to you Sam, stilll…


Oh dammmn…

Never saw that post. Not a very xian thing to say lol.


been doing hi hats like this for a while:

  • two identical mono channels
  • pan one left and the other right

gives a nice (actual) stereo sound to them


Surely they would just be mono
Unless there is a difference between the two


you can pan mono signals…


But if u pan two identical sounds left and right it’s the same as mono


hmm i think youre right

after all these years some of these simple things still confuse me haha


yes hes right

you always have two ears anyway and usually two speakers

if its the same thing at the same level, its bang in the middle of ur aural image

#educationboyz @Samuel_L_Damnson


i cant math
but im sure the pan has to be exactly the same number added/ subtracted on both sides too

there is the mono image in general
but then theres the everything is monoed to the same degree 100% mono image

i think they call the 100% monoing pan: hardpanning