House party tunes

So im having a few people over this weekend, I cant really be playing Kahns latest bangers all night so Im throwing together an all bases covered spotify list.

So far I have such bangers as:

Theres some Prince and Ignition remix in there as well but Im blatantly missing some banger so come at me.

depends on the crowd obviously, but some personal favourites that bridge the gap pretty well for me in most cases

hold tight lenham i got 2 v large playlists of this on my itunes will upload screen shots of all that shit


and this is the other one which i asked for suggestions on here in the summer, that’s not on this laptop, horribly formatted (how are people doing spoilers/that blurry text)

-Western End (Birmingham Crew) [Remix]- B15 Project & Mr. Vegas Western End (Birmingham Crew)

  • Agree to Disagree -Hackman
  • More Than Ever-Hackman
  • Always -Hackman
    =Time: The Donuts of the Heart -J Dilla
    -Light My Fire - J Dilla Donuts
    -Neighbourhood (Radio Mix) -Zed Bias
    -Last Donut of the Night - J Dilla
    -Swimming Pools (Drank) 5:14 Kendrick Lamar
    -This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads
    -Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Jay Rock
    -Once In a Lifetime - Talking Heads
    -Things We Do for Love (feat. Kele Le Roc)- Sticky
    -Xtc - Ruff Squad
    -Feather - Nujabes
    -Like a Prayer - Madonna Like a Prayer
    -Brandy & Coke -DJ Q
    -Let’s Groove (Original Mix) - George Morel
    -Got Myself Together - Dom Perignon & Dynamite
    -El Brand 4:58 E_L_B
    -Voodoo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald
    -Orpheus- Pariah Detroit Falls / Orpheus
    -Good Old Days - Mercston ft Ghetts
    -Heartbroken (Ft. Jodie Aysha) -T2
    -Last Dance - Murlo
    -Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)- Paleface & Kyla
    -What’s It Gonna Be - H TWO O FT PLATNUM PP Pop
    -Daniel Bedingfield - I Gotta Get Through This -Daniel Bedingfield
    -Gyptian_-_Hold_You - Gyptian
    -Night Shift - Marvin Gaye and the Commodores
    -Young Girl (Don Carlos Remix) -Juju
    -Gabriel - Roy Davis Jr. Ft Peven Everett
  • Whats Luv - Fat Joe, Ja Rule & Ashanti
    -Myron - We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix)
    -Everyone Falls in Love Sometime - Tanto Metro,Devonte
  • Teardrops - Womack and Womack
    -Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D’Angelo
    -Rise -Etch
    -Serani - No Games -
    -19. Andres - New For U (Original Mix)
    -Sixty Four Zero - Animal Youth
    -My Friends Will Always Say - FaltyDL
    -Stone Cold - Groove Chronicles
    -And What (Kahn Gyal-Dem Edit) 5:11 Kowton
    -F U All The Time (Kowton Refix) 5:34 Jeremih
    -Round_The_World_Girls_(Tes_La_Rok_remix) - Uncle_Sam
    -Diamond Rings- X-Presidents
    -It’s The Way '99 - Future Underground Nation
    -Finally-CeCe Peniston
    -Crazy Love-MJ Cole

All about finding the right level of cheese without going over the edge (and pissing off/boring people), prob hardest thing to do is get the tone right for a house party than a club night imo.


just play hiphop

Me and the fam have figured out the classic bangers for your party, ignore everyone elses suggestions:

You also cant forget this

what a fuckin banger

Tbh depends on the people you have, some people can’t have a house party without having something like bohemian rhapsody, whereas that would be my cue to take a piss etc…

This 1 works anywhere garuns


As we enter March Motown Madness pt. June

Its not going to be more than 15 people having drinks, I just wanted a bit of “normal” music, that isnt shit pop from the last few years haha

Ahh fair lol

people always go nuts for a bit of phillip glass

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“I play it at weddings, at children’s birthdays…”

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guaranteed hype