"How did UK garage become dubstep?" Youtube documentary

Just stumbled across this

Garage is related to dubstep by having the two step rythm and some of the clubs in common when dubstep came up. But garage is really just house + two step beats. (+ UK soul and rnb)

Dubstep is based in jungle/dnb production techniques and doesn’t come out of garage.

Then in post dubstep or whatever, a few people like Burial started using ‘retro’ garage vocals but making this the connection is wrong.

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I suppose it’s like blues and rock then?

Edit: or should I say blues and metal?

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yeah but theres hardly a point in talking about all the blues chords some metal is made up of, if you want to talk metal - because the main thing is something else - (ds = instrumental, bass heavy)

i think its a group of people that want credit and then dubstep is a popular progression that some people still think is going on (probably in media)

weirdly garage is much more alive - so thats another reason why its a weird suggestion imo

How did you come to this conclusion?

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I hung out with him in the record store I used to work at and played a gig with him and J Da Flex.

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I haven’t watched the vid yet, but you can hear the swingy skips in old UK Garage when it was four on the floor and then they started dropping some of the kicks when 2-Step started.

That sound started to get heavier, darker and dubbier, which is where the term Dubstep started.

UK Garage was based off of Garage from the US, which was House music and was named after the Paradise Garage in NYC, similarly to how House was named after the Warehouse.

In fact, Larry Levan from the Paradise Garage and Frankie Knuckles from the Warehouse were best friends and had started DJ’ing together.

I remember the whole Speed Garage thing, where the heavy and dark basslines from Drum and Bass started to influence the Garage sound which was already very bass heavy. The 2-Step sound where they started dropping some of the kicks happened shortly after.


It deff evolved out of UK Garage Hubb, yeah mega influenced by Jungle, DnB etc but it’s roots are firmly in UK Garage.

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Reso, Pinch and that scene started out making jungle and dnb- but thats just my optics maybe

But my point is - garage is made like house is made and is roughly hip hop production, drum machines and then rnb instead of disco samples/vocals /produced the same way

^Thats the drum parts production style

but then you throw out the vocals and fill it up with basses where the production is straight up dnb - mostly

and tbh the dub part is just jamaican recording techniques - fx

but then this is dance music so its sampler based and that means those dub fx - were already tried out in jungle production - in that way the dub part it has - is so close to jungle that often its only tempo that says something is dubstep

im obvioulsy leaning on a bro definition but thats because post dub step like burial imo is just garage

Hardcore continuum innit.

Then you go back further through House/Garage, Disco, Funk, R&B, Blues, Jazz etc.

its also about how rigid and scenester top dnb djs were (who made a lot of money and still do and play shit)

they wouldnt allow dubstep at shows and stuff - imo to the point of ‘inventing’ half time dnb as a genre for like juno or some shit - they are real bitches lol

some of those guys called it out as just half time dnb (as if that ever had any appeal - thats what the whole mess with drumstep came from aswell)

its like in politics you follow the trail of money

but with dance music you follow the tech

i think you are kind of mixing up genres with scenes, hibbie

I remember hearing that the second room at a lot of Jungle raves would be a Garage room.

Of course these scenes would intermingle.

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good vidjeo

garage rnb disco soul house for ladies
drummondbase dubstep grunge i dunno for boys

iirc it came from guys from the UKG scene making more minimal and sparse beats without the champagne vocals in a more versiony stye (dubby 2step). Darqwan, Horsepower, etc. Then came Skream, Mala and those guys, and looking back I think the more overt dub fx and jungle samples came a bit after the term dubstep was adopted widely.

Btw for a good read check this: https://www.theverge.com/2012/8/28/3262089/history-of-dubstep-beyond-lies-the-wub

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It was mystikz and loefah that really brought the jungle/reggae vibe into the sound. That’s what Skream said in the 2006 red bull interview…him and benga were making beats in 2001/2002 influenced from garage but making them even darker sounding. Mystikz and loefah didn’t even start until around 2003. Then the argument can be made for benny ill fusing the sounds of dub and the type of garage tunes darqwan and el-b were creating at the time. The name dubstep should tell you it came out of 2-step garage.