How do I make my track clear and loud like Zomboy and Getter?

I am making dubstep music now, but I find that I always can not make my track clear like Zomboy and Getter.
This is current project I am making.

This is "Barely Alive - Windpipe Ft. Ragga Twins (Getter Remix)"

And this is "Zomboy - Like A Bitch"

Why are there so different???
Can anyone tell me???

pretty vague question honestly; the better you get at mixing and mastering the ‘clearer’ your tracks will sound, try to give every element of your tune space to breathe in the mix, its something that comes with experience and practise like anything else


Thank you! m(_ _)m

There are some basic rules to achieve clearer mix :
Put your kick, sub bass & vocals in mono.
In addition, always check your mix in mono before you do mastering (if it sounds good in mono, in stereo it will be sound better).


Here is a website that release stems for practice mixing :

By the way, I released a template I made for FL Studio - its free download and it’s got the basics for mixing :slight_smile:
Here is the link :


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Thank you!!

But I still do not know how should I do :frowning:

agree with 10bag you shouldnt put vocals in mono, theyre a sound that benefit highly from being in stereo

just keep practicing dude. make a tune every day. analyse your tunes and compare them to tunes you like.

i can’t promise you will ever get there, but you’ll get closer the more you practice. i’ve not reached my music production goals yet (and probably never will) but i attribute that to being lazy and not practicing enough.

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ok Thank you!

Sample selection is also key. Those guys are heavily sample based. Always start from a clean, clear loud sample. Learn about gain structure, and learn how to pan. Panning is one of the most powerful tools in music regardless of genre. With proper panning you can make pretty much anything sound bigger and clearer.

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what these guys said. and then compress it 8 times

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Ok Thank you!

make sure you sidechain EVERYTHING to the kick and snare. if you’re using a separate sub cut the sub from your growls and leads and pretty much anything else thats occupying that space, and as the other guys said just make sure you give everything its own space. Use a spectral analyser to check what frequencies are busier and eq your synths accordingly so they sit well with each other. I’ve found a massive part of making dubstep is all the background stuff going on that you can’t immediately hear so try fill it out with reverbed arps and noise (I usually use organic noise such as a crowd or natural ambience with white noise), high pass them and have them sit low in the mix, you won’t really be able to hear them but they will make a difference. Hope this helps

Thank you!!!

It’s all in the mixdown, use sidechain, try to make background noises not that loud, make the basses thick and full, EQ stuff you need to EQ as best as possible. That’s what I can guess from listening to their tracks, there is not much stuff going on in the background they make their basses as big and thick as possible so it takes up space in the spectrum to make the mix sound “full” and as well as another user here mentioned, it’s also the mastering. These people have been in the music production game for years, Zomboy actually went to college for this type of stuff. That’s why his mixdown is so clear and good.

to summarise,
do everything better and make your stuff sound better to sound more like getter

hahaha in a nutshell…exactly. Def step one is sidechaining. Run everything through a bus and sidechain it to the kick and snare. It lets them hit 0 db and allows you to turn everything else up. The second part is basically what Samuel says and it takes a long time to get it. Zomboy has impeccable mixes…you can’t be that loud until you learn how to mix. Don’t even think about mastering…you should be able to produce with a limiter on your master channel and be 95% there.

I don’t think you want your kick and snare hitting 0db bro