How to make this bass?

Hey, not strictly dubstep but I was wondering how I can make a similar bass? I have heard a similar one used in some of James Blake’s tracks.

Particularly the sounds when it goes a bit higher at 2min 14seconds.

Any help would be appreciated!

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This is my first time actually logging in and asking a question on this site and I’m not convinced I’m doing this right anyway nor am I convinced the answer isn’t already in the archives and that I just can’t find it lol.

That Badman VIP Knocking Bass, rather than just sample it I’d like to understand how such a powerful mid-range (is it?) bass is produced because I’m at a complete loss here.
If anyone has any idea or can even point me in the right direction I’d very much appreciate it,

Thanks in advance guys!


Aye, got those proper mid-sphincter vibrations.

a cool dad knowing his sound

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sounds like an sinewave from the Akai series Samplers