How to sound like ? thread


Gully, didn’t clock LP meant low pass lol

gonna have a look through the good old photek perc folder for a nice clean bell sound that works with that


its a …Dånk? Dønk ? Dynk?


slæm dønk


obv you’ll then need to make sure the two samples (the 808 kick and the bell) are in tune/in the same key


lemme upload some drum machine stuff



similar sound here


just waiting for this mediafire HO to upload the last one i have here

but its probably 2 sick for nna1

and im not sure the sound is in any of these packs lololol


nah nw, I heavily need more percussion/drum packs m8, so thank you



this is crazy - like circuit bent drum machine hits - 'fx-y’

i think maybe this on the way or part of the sound just at a lower pitch


Scatta is the one


was it this by chance? :mrgreen:

It feels like an lfo rate is like at 1/32 in the drop. Whenever I try it on any growl sound. Nothing happens. I even tried recording a sound and moving it to harmor and then speeding it up through there.
Any ideas?


Sounds like it’s been pitched up and downsampled/bitcrushed. Layered with a regular one for bass.

Does anybody know if he records his vox himself? They all sound kinda similar and all kinda sound like his interview voice.


posted this in dubs for feedback but realise i have way to many questions.

I’ve been attempting to analyse what i like about the old DMZ stuff so much, lets start with misty winter.

Seems like there is so much reverb, even on the kick? maybe all the kit is on a send?

I love the descending (square wave?) bass at 20 seconds, i can get the tone but its wobble is kind of weird, again, sounds super reverbed. I thought you werent supposed to put reverb on kicks, on basses etc, but alot of loefah stuff + the classic era seems to break all the rules in general.

Again this track rolls so much, and the beat doesnt seem to variate that much but somehow it keeps on rolling and doesnt get lame.

Heres my whack attempt at something similar.

to busy, doesnt roll, i know it must be about simplicity + sample selection + cultivating the right vibe but cant seem to get my head around it.

analysing these old tunes sends me down a rabbit hole, if i really think about the actual samples + sounds alot of it is pretty shit really, but it’s so damn good!

Sorry for the essay lads, not sure if i was clear but i just want to learn abit more about these kinds of tunes if anyone has any pointers.


in misty winter the bass sounds like a pitch-bent down modulated sub going through distortion and reverb

in your track it sounds like one of your kicks (on 5) is late (or the previous one too early maybe) which might affect the roll factor, also the original mist winter beat has a swingy, groove quantize feel to it like the elements of the beat that fall on the off-beats are late by around a 64th


theres no reason not to put reverb on kicks and bass, it helps keep it powerful and punchy if u mono the low end of the reverb or just use a mono reverb.



how to sound of rainbows?


ah! will check later


Here’s one to make some of you go “ugh really?” but the reason I want to know what you guys think is because I feel like I’m missing something…it’s a sound that sounds like it should be one thing, but I tried that and it didn’t work…so yeah, let’s figure this out.

Ago’s sub. He uses it in his own tracks and in a couple Numa Crew tracks. It’s a sine-wave, obviously, and it has LFO modulation going on, but I can’t tell if the LFO is modulating pitch or volume, or maybe both? I tried it both ways, and it doesn’t have the sort of off-tune effect that his does. Am I missing something?

I don’t want to ape the sound, really I just want to figure out how he’s doing it lol.