How to sound like ? thread


sounds to me like he’s using a second (detuned) sine mixed in low volume and rest is ADSR + some distortion on high end


Ahhh that makes sense, so that second sine could be what kind of gives it that beating that happens.


Sound like a multiband saturated rimshot with transient shaper and clipped the shit out of it :smiley:

There you go :slight_smile: it sounds pretty similar ^^


That’s such a round about way of distorting a rim shot. I’m almost certain its just carefully distorted and eqed.


yes man, there are many ways to get to the same result, something that does a lot it’s the distorted reverb too!


OH about that Kahn RimShot ---->>
should be pretty similar.

A warn to the mod who changed my Ago sub bass link: if you keep changing my posts without reason I won’t post anymore in here.


I’m just guessing but I think the mod probably deleted it because you created kind of a jock of So Mi Seh, probably thought it was infringement, maybe change the context of the bass sound and then it will be alright? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Could anyone give some tips how to synthesize something like this (LAS - Malfunktions): ?
Is this FM?


im tying to make some basses like this… hes using riddim style basses but growls aswel if anyones made aa bass like theres id be so happy


got quite close to that commodo bwa mid sound yesterday

trumpet sample + ableton’s chord midi effect, with a -12, a +12, and a +7, distortion and reverb

then i accidentally deleted the project and can’t find the right trumpet sample anymore (packs got like 10000 versions of every note)

anyone got any tips for getting this dope wub wub wub, so hench

how do most people do their lfo, is it to filter? cos that’s how i’ve always done it but feel like i could be doing more??


yeah resample with a few settings and then cut and pick and then sequence

to get the dif shapes


lfo to filter cutoff as illustrated in this ancient dsf scroll


yo was reading this thread you still need the clipse grindin perc lol, literally just dl’d a pack with it

there’s some really sick sounds in here, particularly electric flute and squarewave type sounds if you’re trying to make eski

like swear wiley must have been using this pack for some of those old tunes


can anyone give me any advice on making a bass like the one featured in these two tunes??


cheers been looking for that sorrow tune for almost 2 years now :mrgreen:
unfortunately, can’t help you with the question


Dude I could recreate that for sure. Might have a preset already for it if you use serum. Hit me up on discord: goldstandard