How to sound like ? thread


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We’re talking about commodo whos a wellknown producer that produces music for clubs and how he probably made a kick not about what one could do

i resampled some bacon frying in the kitchen and me hitting a bucket of water for a kick in one of my recent tracks so fuck off again lol :hankey:


There’s quite a bit that ‘sidechain’ covers nowadays that it’s almost a shame to umbrella it all under that term.

Like there’s the stadium compression -remove anything in it’s way huge (slightly primitive sometimes) sounding one, where it’s almost like a limiter.

And then there’s a more sculpting one, where you go for a more frequency dependant sort of approach. Like some complex buss grouped thing - or really carefully set up the threshold in relation to each layer you want sidechained and then resample the effect and render it back as tracks of audio.


How can I recreate this bass? around 2min 30sec in


whats the perc sample @1:13 & again @1:58 pitched down

i should know this


ok this song is old but still i dont know how to make that bass from 1m54s,really need it now guys,any help will be appreciated


so many mod edits

dont know what they are even about ½ the time lol


sounds like an old Afrika Bambaataa electro rim shot or something…like from around 5:29 in this track:


yea im trying to figure out what machine its from


Yeah not sure which one, defo not 808,909,707,606,626…i’ve heard it in another song but can’t for the life of me remember which one - exactly the same sound as in the track you posted. It might even be from a synth and not a drum machine


its an 808


the one in the Planet Patrol one is an 808, but in the Ghost Town DJ’s one pretty sure that ain’t an 808


Real 808, not fake-oh-eight emulator/sample pack.


What sample on the 808 then bc ive never heard that


Get yourself in front of a proper 808 and play around, you’ll be surprised once you find it.


so its the metronome?


Right, I’m sure Commodo stands out by doing what everyone else does…


Could get fairly close by layering a square with a sinewave, the sine an octave below. Perhaps some stereo detune on the square + LP filter automation for the opening and closing.


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You mean the “yah” sound?
Take a saw/square with an LP filter, with low cutoff knob, and high resonance knob. Play with an LFO or envelope on the cutoff, add some flangers/chorus, and most importantly of all, bitcrushing. There’s tons of free bitcrush distortion effects on the web. One of the best ones, imo, is “Geektronic”.


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