How to sound like ? thread


Too many internet producers who have lost track of trying something new if they can’t Google it :frowning:


nah you got two smileys and you could read the tone perfectly

but fine, you wont see me trying to defend you when you’re being a prick again and again


srsly tho where do i get that click sample


Apparently you have to go stand in front of a real 808


You just need to adjust the tone/decay/tuning until you get the sound you’re after

This is why 808 sample packs are ultimately flawed, as lazy internet producers just assume those are the sounds when in fact the machine itself allows for adjusting the parameters to taste.


We’d all love to own an 808, but they’re a bit lumpy these days :cornlol:


Holy fuck you could get a pretty decent car for that

Didn’t they make that sleek, cheap modern remake of it recently?


Its pretty crap tbh


So what you’re saying is that if I were to start adding smileys and shit I’d suddenly be less obnoxious? The fact that you were smiling when you said that doesn’t make it any less obnoxious, imo. But w/e, I’m the only ■■■■ innit.


yes sorry im so lazy i cant buy a $3k drum machine & instead like to sacrifice MY ARTISTIC INTEGRITY & use a free sample pack

to my untrained ears it sounds nothing like any sample on the 808 so what sample is it that they fucked w/ the pitch/delay?


Ray, you using FL? If so, you should be able to get there with drummaxx and/or the other drum synth things.


Fruity Drum Synth can get you loads of sounds of all kinds by messing with the decays etc.

You can get decent sounding 808 basses, crispy snares + the cowbell tink you guys are looking for


hmm im on ableton synths frighten and confuse me


I feel like abelton has something that works to a similar effect. But yeah, you’d really need to get into the synth moves.


I bet i could make it w this moog vst i have

would rather just have a sample tho :corncry:


Innovate don’t emulate. Don’t let the fact you can’t find one specific sample tuned a certain way stop you from creating your own style.


fuck a fidgety old drum machine in the ram

is another opinion


808 +plucks
nothing hard


I got style breh i just want the god damn sample


seriously love this tune, i’ve tried to get a similar sounding wobble with automating filters/lowpassing, bit of saturation and i end up with something not nearly as wobbly, also experimented with the typical detuned sines but it ends up sounding more like a sleeper style sub. Anyone able to explain it to me like im five an tell me whats going on here?