How to sound like ? thread


ive made that bassline/grime type bassline by accident sometimes but forgot to save so now all I have is a shittier one

triangle wave and sine wave I think?


Its the sort of thing that everyone over does. Its like you say a combo of sines and or triangles with amp LFO with a little bit of pitch send to the same LFO. Each osc is set apart by a large number of semitones (or octaves). I usually just add an ocave up on each one


Shit though u were on about the STD bass lines synth


people are really churning out some good stuff atm on my sc

big up people


how does zomby even do this

So smooth but its got all these nice sounding stutters, good layering of drum+synth sounds with whips/wobs/snaps in them? followed by some lazer precise edits? Gating? Dunno but i wanna know how this track was made in general i love it.


modern talking :scream:




how to make a chill dnb drum track? like the kick is isnt boomy but you’ll still feel the hit pretty much same with the snare.


Not sure if we both have the same definition for “chill” but anyways, how to not make chill DnB? No matter what, I think it always end up being too chill to my taste.



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Nah mate, more like FM8 + automate few EQ knobs/Sugarbytes WOW + Ohmicide.


The build up synth from 2:25 till 2:40, Virtual Riot used something almost similar here, from 0:24 to 0:34


like i get the answer to this is 2 square waves detuned

but how has he got it so thick, fat and that rasp on it’s so clean too, saturation, filtering, adding in a saw wave?


sounds like it has a noise osc in it. Also sounds like more than two squares. but idk it does sound good


that’s a good shouuut on noise, like cleverly eq’d filtered that wave i guess, had a nice 1 adding fuzz to tops with redux send eq’d but definitely nothing like that full hench vibe he’s got here


Think the noise is a side-effect of processing, like you know how sometimes signals sound noisier after they are processed in certain ways?
I’d definitely look to use chorus on a sound like that. Do some stereo detuning instead of the basic pitch detune. Maybe some flanging. And I think there’re cutoff envelopes.


hey man is stereo detuning, like when you’re playing with wave synthesis and you adjust the phase of the waves so they’re a bit out of sync?

i find applying chorus i often get a sort of bate flangy type effect from upping the level rather than a sweet chorus vibe like i remember from guitar pedals…im sure this is just my incompetence


A little bit, but not exactly. Can’t actually explain it lol, but I know that 3xOsc has separate knobs for the phase and stereo detunes. You’re in abelton, right?
Maybe just detune some instances of analog and pan them before routing them all to a single track for effects.


um and what’s cutoff envelopes apply to, u mean like he’s automated the frequency of his filter?


sounds like white noise, few unisoned pulse waves with pulse width modulation, bit of attack on the amplitude and some reverb