How to sound like ? thread


I never really make that type of stuff, and when I do I’m happy using a step sequencer, just would’ve liked a video.


I cant see it but I’d like to …hahahah

thundercat seems destined to make something new new imo


For the Khan rim shot

it’s better to make those sounds from processing and EQ’ing rather that spending all your life looking for the source sound thats closest to it. If youve got a few basic rim shot sounds in your sample packs then try a few of them out and EQ them. From what I can make out it feels as though the top end is cut a bit, and its really boosted around 800-1000hz, those mids that arent quite high enough to be sharp, theyre meatier.
ive tried to replicate it too and a combination of really subtle close room reverb and a panned slapback delay, proper short delay time.
just saying, my advice is dont be too set on your source sample being the finished article, experiment with processing and EQing


This reminded me of something. Couldn’t figure out what until now:



No wonder Mala liked it?


If someone knows how I’d like to know how this synth is done. Not the whole bullshit but the synth at 4’55:


it sounds like a distorted to fuck flute or something


Yep! Distorted and polyphonic… portamento… flute sound?


sounds like it has some flutey/woodwindy characteristics, it’s hard to tell with all the distortion. I also think it’s just 2 x monophonic parts, rather than 1 x polyphonic part


Yes, 2 mono… can I imitated this kind of flute sound with Massive or any synth?


yeah just crank the distortion up, you could probably make a simple sine wave sound like that with enough distortion. Just try different waveforms in massive with the distortion until you get something similar.


knocked up a simple single sine osc patch in massive with lfo on the amp, sounds quite similar…a starting point anyway


[quote=“Samuel_L_Damnson, post:57, topic:262, full:true”]Idk I find it hard to be sure of phase issues in reason. I have to use the tape mode on scream distortion to flip the phase

One of the reasons why I left Reason.


Well idk I can obviously flip the samples phase in audacity so its no issue


:hand: phase


Here you go :slight_smile: Forgot to add that I have an envelope with a quick decay controlling the pitch, just to get a transient that pops through a bit better, but it doesn’t make a world of difference :smile:


True. It’s just harder to quickly A/B that way.


It is lol


“chainsaw bass”

I just wanna make this bass so bad I been thinking about it for as long as I’ve produced

enter link description here
enter link description here


Noise thread is a good place to link this thread to, loads of interesting sounds Noise

first track on this: