I made a tune , Dubstep ( not professional yet.)

I’m not professional … at producing , yet…

just trying…

it would be greatful if i know what you guys think !


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Honestly? It just sounds like everyother wack brostep out there.
Not saying it isn’t done well though.
Also change your name, it is not good.

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Actually I referenced from old uk dub steps. :weary:
and you nick name is also not good. :slight_smile:

If you can’t take negative criticism then you shouldn’t start a whole thread asking what people think of your dubsteps.

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Also I think you need to check your old uk dubsteps again


Nah, i like to take negative criticism.
if it is reasonable.

I think Hibbie hit the nail on the head mate.


So it sounds like wack brostep…? (Maybr for that synth melody.) And have to change my nickname too…? What the heck is this, here …? :joy:

Or you could be more constructive in your criticism?

It feels like,
I have a bad day today. And im gonna screw unlikeable something over on internet.

Anywyas, thanks you all for comments.
Wheather you had bad day or not.
And i still need scenery feedback.

Tbf it does have a bit of a brostep vibe

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I say: if you’re gonna tearout, do it balls to the wall or don’t do it at all.

There is [for me] a disconnect between the melodicism and attempted ruffness. Take it one of those two directions and go for broke.

Also, needs porn sounds.

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yeah cuz of that synth bell and lead sound. i guess

Thanks. will keep that.

Yeah this is brostep, if you mean by early UK dubtep 2011 brostep i see what you mean.

bin the wois, dont use the brostep tshhhh snare.

Your alias is bait a f but use whatever you want it doesn’t really matter.

Keep making tunes you will get there.

Seriously bin the wois tho

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Just checked your SC


Work on this style, it’s kinda nightslugsy and has potential

the tune “Crush” has some good ideas in too


Yeah this one is actually live you know. Like pretty ‘professional’ as far as I think you mean it.


I prefer this one https://soundcloud.com/queerdisco/one-love-remix

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eh, that one’s terrible imo. Vocals really clash with the beat. Maybe finish up the pitch with something like Melodyne on that one.