I want advice on gaining skills as a producer

Hey everybody. Im sixteen and going to a boarding school next school year. Mom said she was gonna. try and get me a laptop before school. Ive wanted to be a producer gor about four or five years now. Hopefully this will be my chance to begin. Can someone give me knowledge on how long it will take to learn the ropes of producing (things such as ambient music or dnb). I wanna be big some day soon.

No one can answer that question. Experiences vary. It depends on your natural ability, dedication etc. This isn’t even like learning guitar or piano. The best answer anyone can give is years before you are at the level where a label will be interested in what you are making. Not to mention it is a massively saturated market at the moment. Everyone and their mom is making dance tunes these days. I’d make sure you are getting into this because you think you’ll enjoy making music rather than thinking of it as a road to stardom. Its fine if you want to be famous, but if you don’t enjoy making the music the road to fame will be a 1000x harder.


Yeah, don’t worry too much about that or you might get disappointed


BTW, I wasn’t trying to be discouraging at all–just realistic.


I know what you both mean. Im determined on becoming big because i am infuriated at how quality producers are treated (neglected) by the mainstream. Its not right. The word mai.stream is disgusting. But thats only because of the shitty artists that dont give a fuck about music. Do they actually think they are talented? I could come up with that shit david guetta does in my first day of using software. All that crap is immature. Maybe the illuminati is real. Maybe we are branwashed because there is no other reasonable explanation on how people can be so dumb.

If it foesnt work out then ill still enjoy making music. As long as i can make a profit off of the things i love doing im happy.

Ill have help coming up. Im making friends in different areas very slowly. I email an indie rock singer called Nilu Madadi. Shes stationed in California. I recently just begin recievingg and sendng emails to Asa. That guy is an influence to me. Stuff like I Made This For You, You Dont have To Be Sorry, At Dawn, and Send Me A Sign are what i favor most by him. So glad he finally started responding even though hes busy with music. I felt like i was talking to a famous person. I mean, hes a big influence to me!

get off the internet and start slaving away on your daw / hardware.


You might want to temper this expectation as well. I’m not saying it isn’t possible. But again, at the moment dance music is a massively saturated market.

And to be honest, making a living from your art isn’t all its cracked up to be.


Ive seen daw before but dont know what that is…

Why isnt it all its cracked up to be?

Because you need to make sacrifices most of the time, and stuff you love when its new can become a chore when it’s to pay the rent. Also if you are one of the lucky and talented ones who does get the opportunity to live off music, its often short lived or with massive times with no money coming in.

If you wana become an EDM superstar learning to produce is a waste of time, you need to be close to a current big player (if your dad is tiesto you’re sorted) and find a good ghostwriter and have some cash.

Most of the people i know who are both successful and happy in music have day jobs, would be lovely if you can profit off music naturally but its v v v rare.

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I appreciate that but i take nothing laying down. Im glad you told me the hard truth but i want to learn from my own experiences.

And FUCK tiesto. I curse him with my music. Tiesto, skrillex, mike-will-made-it, lil wayne, minaj. Fuck all of them. Someone needs to change things. People are making great and wonderful music but its not being heard. The world is tired of that shitstorm mainstream. They just dont know it yet. Its going to be hard but ill push my way through. And not on my own. I can do it on my own but itd be way easier to have other musicians as friends with the same or similar ideals as me. Rappers, singers, guitar players, ukelele players, rapping clowns that sing while playing a fucking ukulele. I dont care. We need a group. A new set of people to guide the world. The longer this music rules, the lo.ger people will be idiots. Musical taste shows intelligence, in my opinion.

how can you tell?

oh dear

If you don’t like mainstream just avoid it, cause it ain’t changing. It is supposed to be the way it is, as shitty and simple as you might think

aiming high is cool and all but that’s not how it works lol

How do you know for sure? Have you tried to change things?

I assume you disagree? What causes you to disagree?

Because most people listen to mainstream. Those people dont appreciate the weird stuff like Bjork, or FKA Twigs. Ugh. Especially the black people (dont call me racist im black). They laugh at my music and mistake it for “rock.”