"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals






ho gosh why did i not realize this existed

only a fiver too, worth it for decent version of shot to get paid and pull up dat


And Swarvo - Forearm :wink:



there a tune or a mix where lethal does that AAAAH lethal’s got a gun, can’t remember where i heard it recently, google threw up lava riddim but don’t think that was it

also it’s wiley and i’m gettin em hyper(/i’m the lyrical sniper) i get dirty like a baby diaper- sick 1

and been rinsing ribz shot to get paid jack, nasty stripped back shit with so much style on the mic ur crew get wires in their nose, talkinabouttalkiaboutribs




Williams little brother… ignore that tho… he goes in 'ard.

& with Wiley:


oldschool rudeboy ruffneck soldier

now im getting older heart is getting colder


think i first heard goodz spit those before titch,

(i kno this is grime but davinche is particularly cheeky in using same snare in erry tune)



Coming on the mixtape… should be a decent mixtape tbh. Still waiting on that Trim album…


Looking for some grime acapellas I can throw on a track.


sick instrumental too



such a funny song


uh not a favourite



p jam + coldplay + bignarstie lol


This is a banger, RIP Esco.



might spit my lyrics in french je suis jme jhabite meridian