"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals


if youre talking about esco you can’t forget this one

this domino freestyle >>>>


Trim shitting all over everyone’s new bits standardly




not sure about this thread title anymore

would people wanna just change it as they want to a different vocal, keep things rolling, or just cut it to favourite grime vocals


Love this tune, mix with it a lot


Jammz is the best MC around atm


Watch out for the track I produced for him :eyes:


A solid clash… both good… Jendor though >>>


Sounds a little like P Money lol


i like that Silencer freestyle, came out on one of Teddy’s albums iirc


Really? I’ll have to look for that… got Crazy Times vol.2 but its dreadful quality and I hate the hosting bullshit.


I’m from a place called forest gate.
Forest gate is place without a forest or a gate
There probably used to be but now there ain’t
Shit but some playing fields called wanstead flats and some man made lakes

I know this boy called craig, he’s 3/4’s my age
He always used to go to the flats to play with his mates
Till one day walking home from school on his lonesome j’s
He stumbled on something strange and opened glade

Now any normal person would know straight away
That what he found that day on the glade was a shallow grave
But not craig,
See 'cause craig’s naive, plus he smokes weed every day



http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/67678-ldn056-wen feat riko dan – play your corner

Glad the prayers were answered on this 12"


Used to play footy on wanstead flats. Also there was a body found a week or 2 ago chopped up to bits by the man made lakes in hollow ponds about 15 minutes away from the flats


Listen to Raking the dead by plan b.


Lol yeah I know where it’s from just saying plan b chatting realness


Hoo Hoo diddy dum hoo hoo day!


5 month wait but… Chip actually went in.

Still rather see Bugzy clash Rage tbh.



TBF Chip did go in.