"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals







jack’em, instant.
different congo vibes, seen?
live, rinse, right now.

– double


this. skip to 30 mins in.


By any chance, you know when that 1800xTrim release is set to drop?



Essentials >>>>>

I remember downloading their stuff on DC++ on dial up when I was about 13 lol, mad to think that was like 12 years ago now.


best South crew without a doubt.


yeah need to cop doing it now and state your name



ask me where i’m from
man with clout already knooooooooow
i’m from edmonton
bounces rooooooooooad
i used to rep my post coooooooooode
question me now, i still rep that post cooooooooooooode


God must have loved this breh, cause the way he got touched was straight slaughterr

ffs hahha


you could fill up a small paperback with excellent T lyrics imo

i left bare man in ICU
beware, if i see you


got this on reserve at my local record shop till payday, cop or not 2 cop?

it is a banger






ive probably posted this before but its sick.

“i ain’t gonna say I’m real, work out the odds then pop off the steel”




bigups chronik, scorcher, and nocturnal on the last one… absolute classic