"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals


Weird place to film a music video. I see buses in the background, I wonder what the people on the bus thought was happening when they saw three black males shouting and hopping about amidst a plume of flare-born smoke.


this is hard. Giggs doing grime style bars instead of hip hop is hard as fuck



Yeah Giggs goes in. 1000x harder than he did on that CAS remix.



This clash is great, forgot how funny bashy is:

Can’t find a full version of it on yootoob but its great.

“Demon your top lips black and your bottom lips pink, Demon you stink”

“Demon you can’t test me, your mum looks like Emile Heskey”


you can thank Jammer getting the internet police on the case for that.


big up @RIZLATEEF for playin this on his show, forgot about this one!






Kahn & Neek Talking about/ playing there favourite grime vocals on RBMA Now.


MCs start around 1:04… AC Tracey up first smashes it… seriously good radio MC. Better than Novelist and I rate Nov as a radio MC.

“I bet a squad would leave you like your dad did”


“i know man that will marry your mum, get a visa, come to the country and dun your clart”





not strictly grime but still >>>>>>


da fuck is this lol

made it like 20 seconds before i had to stop so awful

are any of those ruff sqwad presents slix tapes good though? can’t find


check white peach mate. Repress ting



this thread just made me go on a massive aggy sesh :corndance:

i dont wifey chicks, i just pimp the bitch :cornlol:

https://youtu.be/L0VW814d35s giggs is sick fuck the hate