Initiate IllumiNate Intro

I greet every one! :adios:

Much Love & Respect for all of us here! :innocent:

I am new here, but the guidance and support that has already been shown to me is divine! :star:

Thank you! :pray:

I have been a devout dubstep listener for about seven years meow… :cat:

I love dubstep! :heart_eyes_cat:

Now I blossom my deep love and curiosity for this music into production skills! :rocket:

I am in a very transitional stage in my life right meow. :cat2:

In late 2014 I traveled to Mt. Shasta for a spiritual pilgrimage and have stayed here ever since. :mountain:

Now I am plan on joining a monastery, however this is a special type and I will be able to produce there. :smile:

So I made a thread for clarification with minimal requirements for dubstep creation:

We’ve shared a lot there and I really appreciate all the comments and knowledgeable user’s posts. :jointbounce:

I am very happy to be a part of a community that shares such a love with one of my favorite music genres!

Here’s a 40 minute mix I made for the New Moon today for a great example of my favorite styles and tunes! :heart:


Sounds like an interesting place to live. Change is eternal

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Hi demokratikos,

Thanks for posting in the intro thread :wave::grinning:

Mt. Shasta is an interesting place to live. :alien:

Yes, the material plane is constant flux. :eyes:

For elaboration with thread:

I love dubstep! :heart_exclamation:

Mainly I like, snarling, growling, deep gut, clear sounds. :robot:

I like crisp snares and fat wobbles. :sun_with_face:

When a song goes on a ride, and you want to go with it. :rocket:

A song that tells a story, a song that has a message. :loud_sound:

I see dubstep as a great medium for the communication of vital information. :free:

I love the idea of production. :new:

That’s why I thank everyone for the shares, because I know they cares…

dude you are intense af :lol_og:

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Thank you for your post! :bluethumb:

It’s the intro thread, it’s gotta be intense… :lol_og:



Thank you for your



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