Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Safe lookin’ out.


Badboy Karma :gunfinger:


Not really into Dubstep these days but this plate is gonna be so good.
That Karma mix was sick



I never get more than one copy to give a chance for everyone to cop one.

Although I may need more than one copy of the Karma EP.

First copy might get worn out within the first year!


Top shelf plate. The man’s a wizard.


Karma up on unearthed…


Copped. Tbh I’m not crazy about this plate. It’ll probs grow on me tho.


Cheers mate


Terrorist is the one. The other two are OK, they’ll definitely grow on me as well and it’s simply soundsystem business.
Still I’m awaiting the System double pack a bit more I think…


All three tracks are pure flames imho, been off work with the man flu this week so haven’t really been on the internet and nearly missed this plate lol, thankfully jah woke me up suddenly at 2am last night and i managed to cop one with red eyes on redeye :cornlol:


8.99 fml

big plate still, cha is :cannon:


First thing Ive bought in ages, nice there was no be online at 7.57 pm on Tuesday night bullshit like most other releases of this calibre.


Still can’t believe it nearly sold out until release day…
Thought it was the usual hype before a big release - but it really seems that it’s sold out in most shops


Piss take, can’t believe it went so quickly when there’s quite a few other recent Innamind releases that are still readily available. Why even bother having a release date when the record is going to sell out nearly completely on pre-orders. Really pissed off as I was completely intending on getting this release, but was just really low on funds for ages so I thought it would just be better to wait until the actual release date. Was finally ready to buy on Boxing Day, but nope, it was sold out everywhere. No repress either… Fingers crossed there’s a few extra copies that will pop up in the near future. Pretty sure Scotch Bonnet Records hasn’t had any yet.


Here you go:


This was available for about 4 or 5 days? it’s not like it sold out in minutes.
I was quite suprised how long it was available for tbh


Saw this but shipping costs more than the actual record…


No longer than 3, release date was 23rd and they were all gone from everywhere when I checked on Boxing Day. Really? Pretty much all of Innamind’s recent releases previous to this one were around for much much longer. Karma’s Heal is still available and that came out in 2015…


Yeah but they all got repressed.
This one wont iirc