Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Has anyone outside the UK received their plate from Unearthed? Mine shipped on the 20th but still hasn’t showed up…


received mine in germany


Got mine yesterday from redeye (I’m in USA)


Still waiting for mine in Canada, also from Unearthed same fullfillment date.


In the US here, got mine on Saturday from Unearthed.


I think there’s some copies of Terrorist EP here if anyones still looking. The site is in German but I think they ship to UK, reasonable postage too.


Finally recieved my copy of Terrorist EP in Canada. Wow, favourite release of 2016…


its really great. like realllllly great.


Been waiting for this to drop. Dubtro is top tier.


What happened to this plan?


Karma 15 hrs ·

Pleased to announce that you’ll now be able to hear the freshest sounds coming from the Innamind Recordings / Blacklist camp once a month on Radar Radio. Hosted by myself, Gantz, & Kursk.
First show is this Sunday :wink:


downloadable 320 :gunfinger:


Radio show was a lot.


Innamind Recordings
February 22 at 7:00pm ·
IMRV019 - Ago (Numa Crew).
Artwork by LAS.
3 tracks on 180 grams of wax!



Aren’t Gantz, Karma, Kursk and Radar Radio itself all located in different countries? How is this happening? The logistics seem untenable.


Usually this is a case of everyone pre-recording mixes, having them all compiled onto one mix, and played out at Radar as a pre-recorded mix on one recording.



This tune around 12:50 is fucking sick. Edit: Apply that to every new dub so far. Fire.


:gunfinger: From innamind fb…

To celebrate Ago’s (Numa Crew) upcoming IMRV019 record (that will be dropping very very soon apologies for the delay). Ago has done a guest mix for our monthly radar radio label show that will be airing tonight alongside brother Karma . Tune in from …

:loud_sound: 12 am - 0200 am GMT​:loud_sound:
:loud_sound: 8 pm - 10 pm EST :loud_sound:
:loud_sound:5 pm - 7 pm PST :loud_sound:
:loud_sound:12pm - 2pm NZ :loud_sound:


no mixcloud but the 320 is there