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Innamind fb: Full tracklist for Headland Forthcoming IMRV020 announced.

Levy // Seen // Cold Warning

Pre sale date confirmed early this week audio up a short time after that. :snowflake:️:eyes::loud_sound:


Blacklist bandcamp been updated for digiheads.


cool, i can finally grab space horror.

edit: the pricing is totally messed up doe


how so?


$4 for two track release which is a bit pricey, but ok, then the first Gantz 2 tracker is $5, then you have 3 and 4 track releases that cost the same.

and the epoch album is $7 for 8 tracks.

just doesn’t make a lot of sense lol

Gantz - Space Horror - 2 tracks - $4
Gantz - Elmo Rehab - 2 tracks - $5
LAS - Jungle Kitchen - 3 tracks - $5
Iskeletor EP - 4 tracks - $5
Epoch - Badminded - 8 tracks - $7

see what i mean?


yeah not sure why they price it like that, Could be that its only updated once or twice a year. So its old vs new pricing


ahh i see, i didnt really check the other releases, I think Leelulz is prob spot on in terms of them not updating the prices on their releases to properly match up.


ahhh i thought it might have been Levy as he labelled it as “live only” after he sent it
3 very big tracks from man like Headland, trust he’s got so much more firepower to come aswell, guy is prolific as f**k


and people keep sayin dubstep is dead lol


At the moment (imo) it feels dead. There haven’t been hardly any REALLY good releases that I’ve had an obligation to buy.


Innamind and crucial for me are still instacops pretty much…less quantity of quality releases lately than in the past for sure but still plenty of good stuff…plus bare unreleased bangers I’m hearing in mixes still


Yeah I’m pretty glad about this tbh cause I’m paying off credit cards and saving for a deposit. I’ve been buying less dubstep and more albums this year or like UK techno (hessle, timedance ect) or any of the weird stuff coming out of bristol.

My insta buys are still innamind/system/zamzam but on the whole 2017 hasn’t been great for dubstep releases. Zam Zam is one of my favourite labels of all time and I own every release but there seems to be a run of stale 140 atm. System is still good but I think it needs freshening up with a proper wonky release from Gantz/Egoless/Foamplate.

Blacklist is probably the most consistently interesting label around at the moment. I’ve not heard much of the Crucial stuff but I get the feeling they’re heading in a good direction (at least a unique direction) with their sound too.

Anything by E3 & Alter Echo has been top tier this year.


this one is soo heavy duty, some of the most pressure I’ve ever felt from a sound system the first time I heard it


bandcamp updated again with last Epoch ft Rider Shafique & Egoless


Haven’t heard a better 140 mix this year so far


Here it is


Pre-orders up next wednesday at 7pm gmt