Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Guys it’s been there for like an hour or 2


Copped :slight_smile:


lol i actually copped while driving…tbf i was stationary at various sets of red traffic lights


been rinsing this mix of late…headland mix is nuts

hope that epoch bit at 28:25 gets a release

also, can anyone ID that tune that comes in around 1:34:00

320 d/l…


I just got a shipping notice from Unearthed! Which means I may recieve it in Canada by the 11th! Happy Days.


IMX003 landed at our distro earlier today and has begun being sent out.

You guys can expect to start seeing your copies over the next couple of days.

For those who missed out on grabbing a copy there will be some available on the 11th from stores such as Juno, Rwdfwd, Idle Hands etc. I will post links on the day to help you guys secure one.

IMRV020 announcement to be made later this week :facepunch:.

Guesses on imrv020? Headland?


saw gantz play this saturday and he played loads of sick 140 stuff a la space horror that i assume to be his and never heard before so i’m hoping gantz

but i have no idea really, perhaps he’ll only be releasing his own prod on blacklist now?


headland recently stuck an innamind logo on his soundcloud banner, so he’s obviously got something coming on innamind but not sure if it will be 020



go quick:


<3 that bit coming in around 1:05:50…hope it’s headland, hope he is doing imrv020, hope this is on it :pray:



Innamind Recordings 13 hrs:

Happy to announce that IMRV020 will be dropping very soon from Headland.

3 tracks on 180 gram vinyl.

Audio, artwork and official release date to be revealed over the coming weeks.

Proud to be able give an up and coming artist from my home town of Christchurch, Nz a platform to release his music on.

Out to Gene Headland :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:


Jonah Freed & Rider Shafique - Guns into Sleeper - Holy guacamole


the sub is good

dunno about the rest


Finally received my copy of Eva808 ‎– Prrr / ALL CAPS but came in warped. :frowning:


mine was aight fwiw

…also this :heart_eyes:

Fis & Renick Bell - Poro Choir
Headland - Dive 01
Headland - Witness
Headland - Camino
Causa - Struggle (Sub Basics Remix)
Headland & Rareman - Ital Dread
Headland - Midnight Drive
D-Operation Drop - Natty Coil
Foamplate - Drips
LQ & Headland - Fat Neck
Mood - Like Sands (Alter Echo & E3 Remix)
Headland - Seen
Pugilist - Blind
Headland - Levy
Mikael - At First Light
Rareman - Tribute
Oxossi - Sama
Truant - Toppled
Gantz - Baby Face (VIP)
Sibla - Waking (Headland Remix)
Karma - Cha
Ago - So Mi Seh (VIP)
Saule - Crypt
Commodo - Pea Souper
Chad Dubz - 22 Ounces
Sleeper - Muckerz
Akcept - Forward March
Causa - Untilted r
DubDiggerz - Spear Dub
Headland - Deathbed
Saule & Moonstones - Triple Threat
Jackson - Badman (Headland Remix)
Headland - Quiver

downloadable 320 :gunfinger:


Not listened to much 140 in ages, don’t recognise anything on there and some unfamiliar names to me also… looking forward to listening to this on the way to work tomorrow!


I actually rate his mix on the slightly older podcast on radar with him and karma tbh…but havent listened to this one fully yet…wonder wot will be on imrv020


yeah gonna dl this to give it a go. not been on any dubstep for a minute


Same as the above, not been listening to much 140, really enjoyed it and forgot how good weighty music is.


The headland mix in this one is better imho (2nd half of mix), sounds like it was constructed in live or summink but better selection/ blends…