Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Damn Eva808 is creating some amazing sounds. Never heard of her before, well into this!
Is there any chance of Prrr coming out on digital?
That 12 is an essential but funds are non-existent for vinyl. Digital I can afford right now…
(Unless Santa manages to get me a copy on vinyl)

Also does anyone have a copy of the track she gave away for free ages ago - Be Quiet You Twat?
The DL link is gone off the SC page and I would love to have a copy of it.




So, the plate is suppose to drop today but is nowhere to be found.

Is March 9 the new date?



System/ V.I.V.E.K

thank fuck tbh lol, makes me feel less bad than copping multiple releases in the same day


yay, shipping!


I’m assuming this will be up on redeye then


Yeah Wednesday apparently

@7pm (GMT) to be precise


Copies of VIVEK Blacklist available here, sold out in most places!


@Scott_Ttocs massive release


Roacher woi


Anyone know the tune at 1:15:00?


Karma - Blue foot




In case anyone’s missed it


might not be relevant but I thought it was cool that vivs record on blacklist got featured on Bandcamp


Namaste’s such a stinkin’ wobbler. You know a track’s a banger even if you listen to it on a phone speaker and it still sounds good.