Innamind Recordings // Blacklist



Eva808 is rather tite m8
Loving her beats since Loner




New innamind mix with a dl



bigups @TMSV


1 of only probably 5 Dubstep releases i have actually liked in the last few years


yeah good dubstep seems to be a bit sparse lately (although there’s bare dubplates still not released), everything that comes out on innamind is instacop tho imo…looking fwd to karma on the next one too


Been too long since the last karma release


innit? was looking on scogs at deep medi releases the other day for example - 3 so far this year which is piss poor compared to previous years…just release imhotep ffs how long will it take for that fucking record to see the fucking light of fucking day ffs :lol_og:


Subaltern is a pretty good label that’s underrated imo and keeps on releasing on the regular - even though I haven’t really kept up with their latest releases.


really good release, instacop. No sleep is boookey


the obligatory promo mix…


A1 sounds like classic Mala with a modern twist


he’s always had that homage to Mala vibe about him, but he does it really well and adds his own flair to it


preorders up…




Any info on when Funeral Bill is out? Such a tune lol


Soon, actually!


Finger crossed for Ago - Above to be release on this one