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Hi I’m swerver, been hanging around here for a while, new forum is gonna take some getting used to but onwards and upwards and all that. Good day!


Wag1 everyone


Hi guys! Totally new here, I come to read, ask and learn about Dubstep. I produce my music witch is… well I don’t know what it looks like… it’s music… there is mostly punk-reggae-dub in it, I try to learn dubstep stuff to incorporate them but it’s really difficult to me. Hope you’ll help me guys!

In fact it would be nice to listen to my stuff 'cause I’m a bigginer and I need advises !!!


I mainly work with Ableton’s Live and Push, driving Korg’s Volca series synths.

Well, nice to meet you, hope it will be prolific for all of us…

And, please, excuse my quite crap english, I’m a french-speaking guy!



I joined the old forum on my 150Grams alias.

( and to see my taste in electronic music)


Hi I’m jaydot and I’m a dubaholic :facepunch:


Been following the genre for a while and after a few years off of it I’m hooked again.


Hi jaydot! clap clap clap


is everyone here from the old forum or are there some new heads


Hi people. I am 25-year old producer/hoping-soon-to-throw-my-first-DJ-set guy from Finland. I’ve been around electronic music for few years now, producing all kinds of genres, but now moved back to my roots which are in dubstep. What can I say, I’m a dubaholic too - there’s just something special about that murky low-end music that gets to my head. I’m happy the forum is up again but I must admit I’m very lost here :dizzy_face:

If you want to check out my soundcloud, here you go, I produce under the name “moi”. :frog:

I try to approach bass music from many angles and I’m interested in many different styles so it would be cool to get connected with you people via soundcloud too. Peace!


I’ll follow you on soundcloud and check out your stuff. Cheers :frog:


yo. i’m phrex. old dsf member. been active member for a while. now i’m more of a lurker and i hope the forum (&the people inside) get better after the big change.
i run a regular soundsystem night in bern, switzerland called dubtopia and in the next few months a record label will follow. strictly 12".
i build beats too.

not just into dubstep - also house, techno and beyond. also got big love for ambient, experimental and wierd stuff. have a biweekly radioshow on



Safe, I’m Krueger. New member, but been creeping the old dsf for a while. I build beats and put on a night in Glasgow called Escalate, be sure to check it out if you’re ever in Glasgow whilst it’s on!
Mainly into ukbass, tribal, and 4D. Also big on Grime.

Get onto my sc if you wanna see what I make

Link me for whatever.



Hey everyone, I am Ōkami. I’ve always lurked on the forums, but never made an account. I have a short attention span…so sticking to forums is a problem for me. i’m another wanna be producer searching for tips tricks to take my tunes to the next level. played the guitar since I was 14 (27 now) and played in metal(core)/progressive bands (for the metal elite who like to say thats not real metal) so i guess, i’m also in the failed musician niche as well. either way, dubstep was my first love and it got me into edm and its many sub genres. I listen to all kinds forms and styles of music. i have been producing since my audio engineer friend sold me a beat machine back in 2012. i’ve fallen in love with electronic music production ever since. you can here my dabblings here ive explored many different styles but i currently enjoy edm trap/dubstep/crunkstep/jerseyclub/futurebass etc. thanks for reading my rambles. hope to contribute to the community.


You’re 15, make brostep, and worship satan, don’t lie. :ghost:




hai guys. im bart. a guy from the old forum, i dont post much. i remake stuff. i wnt to help u guys into sound design. heres my sc: i also post my projects on splice.


@BartSimons Eat my shorts


Hi guys you all seem like nice people who I have never met before