Introduce Yourself!


You end up selling/leasing much stuff ??


only a couple of beats so far but tbh i havent rly been pushing it much recently cos ive been at work lie every day lmao.

if u put ur shit onn bare website i recon its not that hard to make dollar


yeah i’ve made some dece $ from that site so far, kinda surprised actually, i wanna hear what people are doing with them haha


Wait are you from Birmingham who was doing them nights?


Ooh wicked, kinda nice to be able to moneytize your music I guess :slight_smile: you make any more, “uk” kinda stuff or mainly “trap” sorta thing ??


Yeahman, I be that foo!


Nah I hate UK hiphop if that’s what u mean

I make dubstep too etc


I was always meaning to go but never did, let me know if you think about putting on another one!


yeah i mean like garage/dubstep/jungle tho tbh not even them speific, i’d just say the stuff i’ve heard of yours has a ‘US sound’ to it…was wondering if you made anything more ‘UK’ sounding i.e bit more slinky or whatever i had in my head as the uk sound :stuck_out_tongue: !


Will do man, doubt there will be anything tbh can’t be bothered with all the stress involved :-/

If your after something similar then you should check out Listening sessions, it’s pretty much most the people who used to come to movement and a similar atmosphere…

are you midlands based ??


Yeah although not Birmingham, in Rugby


I’m Jonathan, here is my alias history:-

Lowpass -> Outbound -> Vael | 21

Seems like they’ve updated every few years so I guess I’m due another change any day now :roll_eyes:


you’re very modern vale 21
do you change gender too?
what will determine your new label?


OOOh right you should try n get down to one of the listening sessions, it’s the first thurday of every month at club pst, that’a just one where people bring their own music and play it…then they do a couple when they book headliners like, think the next one coming up is for Yilan’s release party, that’s in september i think, i’ll send you over a link to it once the facebook page is up n whatnot :slight_smile: if you needed someone to put you up or whatever then i could do that, as long as you dont stroke my toes whilst i sleep it’s all good…


Cody here from Dubs Alive Records. Looking to spread the good word of Dub and Soundsystem music!


Hi there. Ian, audio engineer and producer



I haven’t been on forums in ages. My name’s Connor, and my alias is MOODi.
I love all kinds of music, but dubstep has always had a special place in my heart :slight_smile:


I’m Vince, I used to be regular on DSF way back in the day (2007). I went under the name DJ Horse, and then changed to iamthesleepwalker.

I have a vast collection of dubstep from the forum since 2007 onwards, about 14gb worth. I have been going through my archives and I have far too much stuff to keep to myself. A* tunes. A lot of it now lost to the mists of the internet and time.

So I signed back up to the forum as I’m trying to figure out a way of sharing all this music with the community here but I’m not tech minded so if anyone can help me get it out there it would be much appreciated.

99% of what I have was all given away free, mostly as 320 mp3, so copyright etc is not an issue.


if you have a google account, it comes with 15gb of free storage on google drive, maybe use that


Sweet cheers! Definitely looking into that tomorrow.