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One more thing…

Something that is really important to me is recording in 20-bit.

What will this^ require? A certain sound card?

Also, how do certain sound cards effect production? How important are they for the sound of a song?

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Do u mean 24bit?



think you mean 24bit.
that’s mostly for having extra dynamic range for further processing. You do need a sound card capable of that if you’re going to record vocals/external instruments.

Re: Sound cards - They do not affect the sound of the track itself, as the processing is done within the DAW, what they do is that they provide you with inputs (for recording) and outputs (for plugging your headphones/monitors in) that are usually higher quality than the inbuilt interface.

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From what I know there’s

16bit - Jewel Cases
20bit- Japanese Mini LPs
24bit- DVD Audio

I would like to know how people produce their Dubstep onto 20bit+ quality CDs.

Does anyone know? :shrug:


Use 16bit it’s fine


Yea, but the CDs sound like :poop:


They really dont.
But depth isn’t what makes thing sound audibly bad it’s just how much dynamic range u get.


Have you every heard 16bit played then the same CD played in 20bit? :confused_og:


I used to work in a studio I’ve heard a 32bit 192k recording. I have to say the point of diminishing returns is much lower than I would think on most listening systems below the high end price point.

Unless u have very nice monitors in a well treated room it’s p hard to hear the difference


The quality increase was almost certainly from the sampling Freq not the bit depth


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Hey everyone! My name is Teo, i am from Greece, and i produce music under the alias “Aevin”.

I have recently released by second album via the german label Raumklang Music, took part in a few compilations, like “Touched 3”, generally trying to stay active and creative.
Pretty exciting to be part of the dsf… so nice to meet y’all :slight_smile: cheers!


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Sound !!


Your music’s cooll btw man, listened to a couple bits on that beat selling site and your nailing that sound :slight_smile:


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