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Bassin records - dubstep label from Brussels



haha i remember that post


I think im doing this right? Idk. Im used to the old forum, this new stuff is waaayyy different. Anyshwayz, Hello, im Grimsin, Lord Satan. Im a 27 year old Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, HipHop producer from Missouri. I recently moved to Houston Texas amd im looking for friends. Been a producer for roughly 10 years, NI Massive, and Fl studio are my go too’s. I dont think I should have to explain myself but I guess I will anyway. Yes I am in fact a traditional Satanist, Luciferian. Not the athiest kind, the real kind. No im not evil, no I dont eat babies, and neither does Lucifer. That all the detail im willing to go into for that right now. All in all im a laid back dood, who just wants to make some toons, and make some friends so if your in Houston hit me up :v: If anyone really reads this shit at all heres my soundcloud … and if anyone really gives a shit my latest track is I look forward to getting back into this forum and doing something new.


checked some of your stuff out. Pretty sick. dig lilith


Thanks :blush: I always like listening to peoples music who listen to mine. Ill be locating your music shortly and giving it a listen :+1:


Hey everyone. I’ve been a lurker for a while now but I’m making the step to get involved in the discussion and let you all roast the fuck out of my tracks!

Me and my friend like to make music in our spare time.

Take a moment to check out our EP and I’ll see you in the forums!


Hey! I’m Sergio and I make all kindsa music shit :smiley:


welcome to the forum Sergio. Let me know if ya have any questions about the site


Hi I am Alex aka Veltor.
Sometimes I create music and just got into dubstep.
Check out my latest track, tho might be too heavy for some.


love the heavy



But: too heavy?


HMU when you can literally crush skulls or generate electricity with your basslines, Svensk. :biggrin:


Thank you!

ja visst!


Hi i’m Larry, Fat Larry. Nice to be here.


Hi everyone I am french, dubstep fan since Kromestar - Badman vinyl and 16bit - PCP / President of Europe! Playing vinyl since 12years in free parties but stopped that type of techno parties since 2years. Please excuse my english I try to learn english by myself and with the help of google-translate ^^

And my name is Aurélien.


welcome to dsf


Planet Before here.


Easy now, I used to post on the old dsf and must have half arsed tried to sign up to this one about 10 times over the last few years, finally bothered to get it working this time, hope you’re all good, anyone here from the first time round?



Yeah, there are quite a few people here from the old forum. Some of them have changed names though.


I was here in the old days. Welcome back.


Just signed up, and I’m sure like others wanting to better themselves and improve my overall knowledge with like minded individuals. Thank you