Introduce Yourself!


What up everyone, Herbalist writing :pray:

Just joined as I wanted a place to get social about writing dubstep tunes and talk about studios and that type of thing.

Im keen to hear if anyone else produces with hardware? I use my mpc2500 with a Tr8S and elektron analogue MK2 with some effect pedals and a mixer… generally record to tape which i love.

keep it real.


ok hi ! i’m Pitlord from France i do some metalstep maybe deathstep and soon some deathcore =P
To see what i do -->


Hi, I’m nowadays I live in a mountain fortress. I like music. I like visual art. I love god and humans…


I miss nowaysj.


Same here. Anyways I am JiveNation, a 15 year old bedroom producer. I have been producing for around a year, gradually getting better…

I currently produce Dubstep and Hybrid Trap with twists of different genres.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Michael and I’m new to this forum! Excited to see what types of music people like. If you could find me one place every year it would be in the Do Lab at Coachella enjoying the house and future bass music.


Welcome to the future fajita mike


Hi. My name is Nick Entz. I’m a cook and music producer from Pennsylvania. I produce music under the name ‘PsyEntz’ as well as co-manage a bass music label called 57omen Records. I love music! Nice to join the community!


Welcome to the forum.

Here is a FAQ with an overview of the site’s rules and other info

If you need any help with anything else feel free to ask


In reference to rule 3: Is there a thread where we can post new releases from our own music labels or is this type of thing not allowed at all?


we are planning to do some housekeeping soon on the various sections and organization of the site, but for now I’d go into Music and whichever sub category fits best

Please just make one thread for your label, and make new posts in that thread for new releases etc


Yo, I’m Giddy. Just joined to chat to folks about music I’m kinda into and share some mixes and tunes that I’ve been working on. That kinda thing. Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday guys! :cornersault:


Hello, I registered here in hope that I could find a dubstep song (at least I think its dubstep, I’m not a music expert) I didn’t find a topic to look for songs and know that I am so wrong here. ^^ If anybody knows the tune which starts at ~1:38 that would be great.


yo gang, im mel-o. long time lurker on this forum. I make music, am a resident dj for a sound system in nyc, and im a hardware geek.

catch u inn the chat


Hello, i’m here. Thanks for the cool community. Catch me in the dubs for feedback section mostly. I make music and DJ. I’m a bit oldskool and was posting in DSF back in 2005 as I just found my old posts, it’s cool that the old topics are still searchable.


I’m Charlotte & I’m an aspiring music producer :sunglasses: I’ve been obsessed with dubstep for years and am looking forward to soaking up this community :raised_hands:t3:


Let’s see some snaps of that sound system geez


The crew is on sub fm every now and again too


Ooh Tsunami! Nice. Can’t imagine what those giant bins sound/feel like, but I bet it’s fun.