INWYK on The Internet Thread


Hello girls and guys,

Thought i would create a thread that will allow those of you interested to keep up to date with any movements us lot are up to from here on…

Been busy uploading vids to Youtube the last few days, there are more to come…lots lots more…

We will be operating off Discogs for any releases/dubs/specials going forward as well as selling some decent music on there in general :slight_smile:

There is now a Facebook group, i will invite you over to like and share and do all that jazz if thats what you are into :slight_smile:

On tha Instagram too, though will be holding back off that for a while, giz us a follow anyway so when it does spring into life you can stay in the loop.

will try to avoid posting much more besides in here and for the odd bit of brexit related insight ;P…

enjoy the clicks :slight_smile:


oh btw,

if anybody would like to get in touch about anything, then please do email, call or text @

Thanks/Cheers :slight_smile:


How’s the internet working out for you, Stu?



i’m trying…

it’s hard to re-emerge after spending a relatively large time away from it…

i was thinking the other day, i don’t really know when other people my age first got acess to the internet… born in '92 ??

i must have been about 7-8 really windows 98 stylee… but i am around people who seem to have such a vastly greater knowledge and nouse on here…

i am bait as fuck in terms of sending birds on paypal my id with a picture of me next to some paper saying im me or whatever the fuck i did so i could get hold of that red string !! :wink:


im lost you know…its so fucking easy but so hard !!

i stayed off it in terms of no internet at home from about the age of 19-21 all the while doing the nights around brum* and things kind of exponentialy went up in terms of the services the internet offers and the things you can do on it imo around about 2009-2012… i dunno it’s doing it exponentially all the time n the same could be said for every 2-3 year span… but i dunno, stepping back in is murky…fun…easy…hard…fucked…funny…tempting…

lol have you seen them guys that during huricaine katrina, were just trolling the feed on youtube like ‘‘fake new’s’’

then the odd guy just dropping in a nazi symbol for good measure !

man i could go on n on n on but all in all you get the picture, maybe !!

the internet is like being able to put your hand in a curtained-box filled with psychosis and move about freely without really knowing who’s in the box with you experiencing and watching it and what your hand is gonna look like when you pull it back out of the box !

tshhhh sorry man,

its also quite a simple way of making yourself look like a prick or a saint!

a sinner !

*mentioned as in, all that stuff was possible just going library n similar plaves and having an internet phone…


What is in a viral video MKS ?

in your opinion…


I have no idea m8.





0fficially the worst channel on YouTube right now rankings/ratings/viewing figures just below every amateur YouTube channell … if any f you can set up a prizm of of deflectoion somehow preserving this channel from ever being viewed again then please do so…


just seen this i like it !!
apt !!


check the channel for more likes this**

Suppose this ones actually a bit of an oddity on the channel but hey ho, (the ones in all white are fresh up like now) :slight_smile:

1 luv i guess


IHello people

Come across as a right fuxktard in this thread…just read back my response to your question @mks sorry man went right up my own arse tryna explain the fact I don’t get on too well with the internet, that’s the top n bottom of it really…

Posting in here today to see what people’s thoughts are to buying music digitally… I’ve got 14 tracks mastered but don’t have the money ATM to press up vinyl…it seems a shame to let this thing I’ve got in my head about something having to be on vinyl to be a “proper” release hold back from people having the music + hold back from me making any money off it as it seems as though there are some people who do pretty well through sites like bandcamp and Juno…though half of these mastered tracks are on YouTube so in my head people pretty much have the music already anyway…would you buy something digitally at all and one step further would you buy something digitally that you could already just flick on YouTube …??

Guess this question is aimed at the heads really so excuse me calling people out, would be nice if I could get a response of a couple of you as I’m in a bit of a rut with it all really… @cyclopian @111 @Samuel_L_Damnson @TrendyGrime @Riddles @_ronzlo @Hibbie @Test @lloydnoise @hubb @jojodog12 @Johnlenham @ all of yous really



i think all musicians should have main jobs and not earn from music

but bandcamp seems the most reasonable thing

we need netflix for music


Yeah, Bandcamp is a decent option because they have the highest artist percentages afaik.

I buy digital tunes occasionally, especially when I want the artist to keep doing what they do.

Have you done any label submissions? Be careful and get it all in writing, but it can’t hurt to try. The advantage there is distribution.

Licensing is another possible option to fund vinyl runs.


just put out what you want to, enjoy the process, chill on the money side or it will never come


Well, if they can pull it off just making music and performing then good for them.


The thing about making music for a living: you have to work very fucking hard - talent aside.

Only the disciplined and proactive even come close and even they scrape by usually, especially if you release all original material and don’t do a lot of live stuff.

There can be some money in merch, but imo the amount of merchandise an act sells should be roughly proportionate to how good they are. A lot of acts sell too much stuff lol.

But image and branding can definitely help if approached wisely and not too amateurishly. Think about all the bands brilliant enough to come up with a logo that any 8th grader can draw on their binder cover… Misfits, Van Halen, Deadmaus…


It’s also a lot down to luck imo

I read recently about ‘the hiding hand’ principle as well, where someone underestimates the cost (effort) of doing something and encounters unexpected difficulties but creatively overcomes them.

If you’re going to do it it’s going to take up your whole, or most of, your life. If you enjoy what you’re doing it’s not a problem. My Master’s is a pain in the arse but I’ve got around 50% of it done now and I think it was worth doing even though at times I’ve wondered wtf I’m really doing.



Yeah most English teachers in Japan are here to do other things but can’t get a visa or make a living off it. I know people who make movies and all sorts off stuff, people with PhDs in random fields…

Fuck the cosplayers though, they give the rest of us a bad name


theres also aswell as ronzlos comment

the bit where an artist has to experience life to be able to talk about it

if you do the bedroom thing or go for the hermit artist way
then you kind of only have inspiration from the last time you were visiting proper society

because you can kind of tour/ perform too old stuff and remain in the past until its too late

and on a moral level they just dont deserve the pay and could turn into bad people down the line