INWYK on The Internet Thread

you are a talented producer no doubt about it, some fantastic tracks here. Have you spent much time researching labels that would be interested in signing you? I would do that and then start sending out some emails.

Ay up, thanks finji…:slight_smile: that is nice of you to say, sincerely thank you :slight_smile:

I do send to people but I don’t really have the desire to chase a release nowadays, not in an I’m too good for that sorta way i mean if somebody wants to release stuff then arrr brilliant but it’s such a complex topic in my head I could write tons about it I don’t even know what use most of my tracks have or could have since I’ve become so disconnected from the dance floor / club “scene” and previous to that becoming so out of touch with how people consume music at this time left me a bit dissolussioned/confused… I had to question for what reason I was/am actually making music for…right about now I’m content with making little bits that people can stick on their headphones on YouTube and listen too…

Sorry to go off on one, i could have kept it shorter and come across as a bit passive but the whole subject of labels and the like is something I think of a lot and to adequately answer your question I thought it be best to tell you a little about where I’m at !

Thanks for checking them, n glad that you are into them, it’s nice to know my ideas don’t just successfully exist in some weird little deluded part of my ego !

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the INWYK channel has been good to us as of late :ok_hand:

…oh, and we have music to finish.

Nice one Dane, glad your enjoying them my number one fan !!

We do indeed, I was listening to that wobbly one the other week, sounds good, we will have to sort something oot !

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Just put this compilation on bandcamp…

hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Hello, i have just ‘‘released’’ this…

uploaded… i dunno

whatever it fucking is i dunno u dunno

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It’s Pay What you like for whatever that is worth …

what’s an ‘Ias’ ?

Ay up syrup Analias is just an alias


Thank you Test


Downloads of all tracks contained are available with the link below.

cheers !

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