Jazz Music


always pretty dece for sampling innit



yusuf lateef - song of delilah

ornette coleman - law years

sun ra - song #1

charles earland - more today than yesterday


For listening… As opposed to?


15 characters innit

tried typing jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and kept getting an error message


Lol I can see bare threads having some extra names just to fill the limit




Getting into Sun Ra. Miles Davis and John Coltrane are good shouts.




sun ra- sleeping beauty is probably my favorite jazz record.

also pharoah sanders

and don cherry

i love the weirder spiritual stuff from the 60s and 70s, don’t know too much about stuff before that but i like some art blakey and thelonious monk as well.


Glad to see jazz-lovers by there !!!

From my very favorite Mr Charles Mingus’ Blues and Roots album:


I think more people would be into it if they knew where to start (roughly) as its just like staring into the abyss.

Only because “Something kind of blue” comes up alot if you search for Jazz, did it give me a way in!


yeeee pharoah sanders


This one has been on repeat for a while


Kind of blue took me a long time to get into. I love it now but I feel like it’s always ranked as the jazz album to start with when something like a love supreme is a lot more immediate and easy to understand the appeal of on first listen imo.


Sun Ra is the don


Love KDE.


This one’s a real trip! I often get lost in it…