Jazz Music


Mats Gustafsson is prob my fav. sax player but I can never find the records I have on youtube to share but it’s worth doing your own research…


My favorite Jazz composer, Wayne Shorter.


Something contemporary, check out the drummer in this one. Madman

Besides some Davis and Coltrane classics this is one of my favourite albums


Drummer in that first tune is good!



Subscribe to this guys channel. I’m envious of his extensive knowledge of music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChmcTUnXQKZ5aat-EuLrBWQ


This tune jams so fucking hard.

This is not Mingus on the bass by the way, this is a big band from the early 90’s.



On an argumentative tip (piano vs bass, drums playing mediation)

On a gypsy tip

On a modernist tip

On a futurist tip

On a German soul tip

On a quantized tip






Oooh boy, what a thread!


Some more Wayne Shorter tunes:

This guy is one of Jazz’s living legends, you can see by the people he played with and as I said earlier, he is one of Jazz’s greatest composers. He and Coltrane used to practice together and he was in Miles’ second great quintet with Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams.

If you listen to Footprints, you can hear Tony just roiling on the drums while Wayne and Miles just keep it cool on the top. Then add in Ron’s ostinato bassline and Herbie’s chords and you have some amazing music. Oh yeah, it is in 6/8 time.



Really love the later Coltrane


Absolutely my favorite composer in jazz.


No doubt, he is so good.