Jazz Music




I love big bands. I miss the days when I played in one.

Count Basie Orchestra

Damn, Thad Jones and Mel Lewis Orchestra…
I usually like upright bass in big bands but the electric bass in this tune sounds so good.


anyone recommend their top pharoah sanders albums? listened to harvest time a lot but never really dug further into his albums + want too

enjoyed the alice coltrane - journey in satchidananda album that he plays on a lot too


I don’t think I’m super original here with my favourites.

Karma - which is pretty much 32+ min of ‘The creator has a master plan’ and extra few minutes of another tune.

Tauhid is also great on all fronts, partially because I love Henry Grimes.

You should check Black Unity, too (another 30+ min track)

I also enjoyed this compilation ‘In the beginning’, which has stuff he’s been in from early 60’s and some interviews.


yesss thank you!

dude’s playing is beautiful



We played this arrangement of Autumn Leaves in a concert one time in the Uni small ensemble I was in.



i feel like i’m wooing a yatty in a black and white film

this is gr9


The Soundtrack to Bottle Rocket Short is pretty sweet



Been listening to this album a lot past week. The opening/title tune is a beauty. How comes lanquidity is not in a dictionary yet?


Yeah first track is the best track nearly of anything they have done (that ive heard)



How would you define this? Languid moments?


my fav


also anyone interested in Pharaoh Sanders needs to check out Thembi…my favorite out of his discography for sure.


Actually discussed it with my friend when listening to the record, hah. Our best definition was liquidity of language, kinda flow of expression. What do you reckon?


That sounds pretty good, tbh.