Jook (grime)

Easy you lot. Just realised I haven’t properly re-introduced myself on here yet. Names Jook, I used to go by Trichome on the old forum.

Been making quite a lot of grime recently, you may have even heard some of my tracks before. But if any of you are into grime feel free to check out my stuff :slight_smile:

Got a 3 track EP forthcoming on Certified Bangers (Tumble Audio’s spinoff label), so watch out for that!

Big ups anyone supporting :smile:



Vinyl? I’m copping this

1 BigUp

yeah I like your stuff properly rate it congraz 4 da release man keep it up

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unfortunately not mate, the art is very misleading haha! big ups

cheers bro!

ahh seen seen, shotgun riddim is a percy still

just followed ur ass on soundcloud names montblanko like

what the fuck?
That’s rawwwwwwww.




Ah was wondering who you was on the old forum, now i know!

Big ups mate your stuffs coming on really well! Congrats on all the radio/DJ support you’re getting… keep it up!

ah didnt even realise you were trichome man haha safe

oh yeah, big stuff mate, rinsing that percy remix

Big tingz man

yes donald

safe for the kind words everyone!

Elo m8


LARGE, big up man

I have raised a GunFinger in honour of this riddim, good sir. Salute

Large ups everyone!

Got my first Radar set this evening (8-10), guesting for Jack Dat.
Theres gonna be a load of MC’s so lock in!! :sunglasses:


Oh seen! Where is radar? East London?