Jook (grime)


Old Street! feel free to pop in if you’re in the area


shit man


podcast of last nights show if anyone wants to listen! I was quite nervous so theres a few fuckups but hey ho


Haha all the wheels at the start, cant hear everyone cracking up in the studio thankfully


Will check it, saw the video Ryan put on fb yday looked like a mud ting.


Well done, didn’t even notice the fuck ups (except for when the jingle had to come to the rescue, haha, but that wasn’t even you!)

Few of my workmates are into grime so I’ve been doing some proper promoting today, too. Hopefully will gain you a couple of new followers :corndance:


Free tune for all you ninjas. this 1’s on that silk road assassins tip. bit different to my usual stuff


Thats really good man, big ups for the free d/l!


big ups jook, looking forward to the ep


that tune is big as well man. I’ve listened to a fair bit of your tunes and they’ve grown on me tbh it’s a solid output to say the least. u’ll go far son


is it gone already?


cheers bro. means alot!


Link in the description! big ups


Last tune off the EP uploaded! Its out tomorrow. big ups all the ninjas supporting, would mean alot if any of you copped!


copped after juno stopped being a bitch!

big ups


large ups everyone, already 5th in the Bass charts and its only been 24 hours! :blush:


well deserved bro


copped, good opportunity to grab some old youngstar and altered natives bits too, never used juno before


Wifey bit from me for free on the Indecent LP, go check it guys!

Thanks for the support from all the heads in here :smile:


286 kbps, little downs.