Jook (grime)


yeah thats a mistake, heres a wav ill get it sorted now :smile:


Bless up man :pray: , feeln


good shit tbh, u uppin ur game constantly.


cheers bro :smile:


Kahn & Neek played Pulse J @ Outlook clearing stage, got a pull up.

i was wondering at that time what remix of pulse x it was, big, big tune. Keep at what you’re doing m8


new one from me if anyone missed it while it was on my soundcloud!

really wanna do something with this but would have to be white label cos of the sample, if I save up some P might press a couple.

Big ups all the ninjas who showed support last year, 2016 is gonna be big, got some good stuff planned!


largin up fam I was sad cuz u took that tune off ur sc its madd


very good stuff

also found that torai dude via your sc

nice one


i beg u link me that!! its large man


too much, would cop instantly




more dubs :eyes:

dunno how this got ID’d to be honest hahaa


Jeeeeeeeeeeez… that’d wouldn’t sound out of place in a Kahn & Neek set.



Good shit


boofy played it in that fabric mix he done before xmas, from 11:45:


Got a clip of @Riddles playing Tokyo Drift in Brighton on my phone somewhere



edit:wtf is wrong with this embedding, ffs fact, page 8


Nice one, I’ll give that a listen. Definitely has that bandulu vibe.


Happy to announce I will be releasing a white of Tokyo Drift on Score 5’s label very soon. (Pulse J VIP on the flip)

Preorders go up tomorrow night at 8pm!

Hang tight everyone supporting as always.


big up man !