Jook (grime)


u can just upload the image here without the external hosting…unless the image is over a certain size…i usually open any images from my phone in paint or something then reduce the overall size of the image by 50%, then I can upload it here no probs


couple of new tunes from me boys

hope you like


nu vybs man but lovin it still


Gold rush is nice :slight_smile:

what is the chord sampled from ?? its beautiful :slight_smile:

the whiney little synth is cute af too :slight_smile:

The edge is a lot more intense ! like the build up, its murky :slight_smile:


Bloody hell this is savage


Would be nice to hear Jammz over a fresh Jook instrumental, but the combo here still hits hard.



great name and concept. tune sounds great but not memorable to me.


great name, great concept, great tune, but completely forgettable despite being great, so unfortunately you get a 0/10 rating