Jook (grime)


woiiii (y) big man sound


Congrats On Juice Getting The Premiere From Mixmag! It Must Be An Honor For A Company That Huge To Take Notice Of Your Tune!


I Agree Congratz Juice For Some Reason Let’s Capitalize Every Word Though


Juice pre-order up on redeye:

Big ups on this one, so good to see Brighton heads comin thru




shit, this went out of stock fast



Just copped from WP. Last few remaining.


But thats only the early release of 200 copies right?

No long talk is still available as well


Not sure, but WP is sold out of pre-orders now.


ahh fuck missed it


I guess it’s the usual upfront copies that are selling right now.


Pre-order just arrived.

That was quick.

Big up White Peach.


Yoooo guys bit late notice but im running a comp on my instagram to win a test press of tokyo drift! ends tonight at 8pm

my usernames “jookington” - check my latest post on there for more info


yooo dsf

first grime tune ive upped this year lol


Happy Birthday Jook.


this bangs


course it does. this man should release more lol. finally got my tokyo drift a while ago. glad I waited because the yellow vinyl looks amazing


can you snap a pic? i’ve got the plain black repress but was thinking about getting the yellow one too, cause it looked pretty :mrgreen:


lol here it is

image hosting

anyone with an iphone posts a lot of pics from their phone here? there has to be a better way to do this cause it was a bit tedious. I mailed it to myself then downloaded the attachment on my laptop then uploaded it into a image hosting page in order to embed it here lmao