K-Lone/Wych appreciation

Deserves a thread imo. BB-8 and Barbarossa digital preorder available, ltd 25 copies (wtf?) vinyl already sold out :nogunfinger:

absolute percys, another dubplate it is then…


sick tunes.

surely the 25 copies aren’t it tho? seems a bit crazy

25 seems a bit too many, I hope they get their senses back and do a limited run of 10 next time

For real though K-lone said it’s just the pre-order that’s sold out (Facebook)

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yeah hopefully it will get a proper vinyl release in May

This mix made my summer of 2015

Still hoping that Aqueous gets a release.


K-Lone has some pretty cool mixes. Big Up Podcast 103 is one of my favourites.

Copped that plate :sunglasses:.

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Really feeling Barbossa, copped.

K-Lone released a 12" on Idle Hands of two, dubbed out housey tracks. Real good stuff.

Also, Bengal Sound is releasing a 12" on Wych this April as well. It’s gonna be a breakthrough year for him with this and another release forthcoming on Innamind.

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K lone good af imo

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Totally agree! Love his diverse sound!
That new WYCH output is also pretty cool.

sc tracks up

new mix up


sick mix, finally an ‘old school’ mix without the rinsed out stuff


This mix is imo the personification of a hugely underappreciated era in 140

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Yeah those tunes really are something else. So much good music from that era

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Agreed. I love to smuggle one or two tunes from that era into the mix and blend it with modern beats.

That Bengal Beats release is lovely by the way. Corners is pure vibes!

wow this is good. Want a download bad.

D/l would be nice, I just ripped it tho

e.g. https://9soundclouddownloader.com/

ah so glad you posted this. this is pure nostalgia for me, got into all this thru ramadanman/joy o around 2010. class mix