Kahn appreciation


surprised there wasnt a kahn thread yet


holding out for the one at 17:25


had a mutual wave with the man in briz last night

loved this phase of his tunes




does anyone know what happened to this one? instabag business!


Apparently this is Gantz, Commodo & Kahn, big tune :))))))


Would love to see this getting released



This is my favourite :wink:


I’ve done and edited the interview with Pinch, seeing as Kahn is the most mentioned producer on the forum, I think it makes sense he is next?

And this one will be one of those forever tunes:


Do us a big big big favour and ask if they’re going to repress Percy ( I don’t want him too :wink: :wink: :wink: ), and if eid riddim is ever going to see a release! :smile:

Large up!


Yeah do Kahn next Pete would be large




Polars so good


Azalea/Way Mi Defend is a big release


yep, that one will always be a percy



Both side are big


Fuck it lads just whack his discography in and call it a day :cornlol:


yeah he is da best no competition every song bangs


Wonder if he ever went anywhere with this alias outside of these bits

Oh didnt realise it was “Baba Yaga (Kähn & Vessel)”


but please?? When can we have untitled and that bassline track from kahn n neek that has been in his souncloud for like 1.5 yar