Kahn appreciation


Aye bit confusing as everybody ids it as just Kahn haha. They were suppose to be doing a release like 3 years ago but nothing ever came of it.


Hysteria track


Hahaha sick


One of the best sets i’ve ever seen tbf don’t mind them making an extra buck out of it


I was saying the other day CD packs for nights should come back, only used to see em for DnB nights in brum. Not tapes tho. Bun tapes.


I GREW UP on those tape packs man, they let me experience those massive multi arena raves that got shut down with the criminal justice bill just before I was ever able to actually attend one.


yeah, that’s all well and good but tapes is an annoying medium. Just give us CDs if you wanna do a pack. Can’t listen to a tape in da whip.


lol, sorry i was evangelising the packs. fuck the medium.


Abbatoir VIP sounded like it did the business on that shoddy recording at DMZ 10 however it sounded like it was one for the raves, just as something different, but the original being far superior.

Then the 2nd drop came.




lol christ


Goth-Trad mixed it out of Sinker last friday. And then into Sunbeam VIP I think. Everyone went fucking nuts. Sounded much better than on DMZ with a proper rig!


My favorite Kahn tune by far now. Abbatoir VIP


Also does anyone know the tune at 2:12


Kinda sounds like Elephant Dub by Mark Pritchard but I am not sure.


thats nuts!!




Would be a nice on to have, but i guess that will be impossible if there will be only 50 copies…


is this going on sale on line anywhere or is it already preorder sold out type fing?


Don’t have a bit of money sitting there atm like I did with Woman/Midnight.