Kahn appreciation


Just read it’s been handed out to people who donated for a kickstarter project:

Kickstarter project url


Only 39 people offered the required donation, which means there’s still 11 out of 50 left.



Got a reply from HLM on this plate:

Thanks for your interest in this dub! We have a few left over from the campaign to raise money for HLM, and we are giving one of them away. See https://www.facebook.com/higherlevelmastering for details.

The remaining copies will be sold on Discogs soon (check Facebook page for details).


Next bandulu release comin soon, any ideas on what its gona be?


how much did that dub sell for on discogs?


was 39 quid. had 8 or so to sell.


I tried to get one but was working, apparently people f5ing struggled so I had no chance.


Don’t think think this ever saw the light of day-big tune though


Does anyone else feel that the people on discogs booting off about the HLM Kahn record are looking at things totally incorrectly? People are rattling on like this is a label release purely for the sake of putting out tunes, when obviously it’s a thank you in return for helping get the HLM project off the ground. The tears about “hype” and “exclusivity” don’t apply given the nature of the record which had been up for grabs for months. Smh


We all know they’re just salty.


the way I see it if Kahn himself was to have shared at the crowd funding stage then they would have raised more money


Yeah surprised it was never mentioned before someone spotted it on Disco Dogs.


Last HLM plate gone to the competition winner… (which wasn’t me) :corncry:

We have a winner! There were some great entries for this competition to win a Kahn dubplate, and while we may not agree...

Posted by Higher Level Mastering on Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Sounds like Coki.


might be elephant dub by mark pritchard


You already said that, and it isn’t.


damn i am one consistent motherfucker. don’t remember that at all. why’d you answer a post from august anyway?

how do you know it’s not elephant dub btw?


it doesnt sound like elephant dub at all…

jk, it sounds just like elephant dub, but maybe in a blend with something else

edit: lol someone asked about 2:12 on the video, answer: dmz - molten…hmmmmm


Add to the fct the system was whack and that phone is a potato, id say it was. Pretty sure it got played as well so!

Edit: hmmmmmmmmmm I mean i guess it could be


yeh defo elephant dub imo