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Wow. R2D6 coming out… Never thought this would happen. Sick news!


Forthcoming with some garrish artwork no doubt haha. Still big tunes

Monster / Despite arrived the other day and this one looks even sicker. Big up Kromey

R2D6 has been one of my most wanted dubs for years, so excited about this!

the b reminds me quite a bit of Asteroids

Looks like Th7 Immortxlz is done, then :unamused:

i’m glad they’re keeping it personal and don’t take it to social media.

Kromestar stitches up anyone he works with…what do you expect?

Jedi or Jed Eye should’ve certainly been the flip to r2d6

second tune in this, tune tears down the dance

what happened / why?

Might not be the full story but Krome posted that they had stopped cos he was doing most of the production, so decided just to go his own way. However Jason X is still using the name and taking bookings under it, although Krome apparently owns the rights or whatever. The post has been deleted and Jason X posted something suggesting he wasn’t happy about that version of events. That playground mix from a while back was so dope! Ah well.

Copies of Kromestar’s NMGR001 (Monster / Despite) still available at Intense Records. Link hereunder:

Forthcoming NMGR002 (R2D6 / Second home) are also available for pre order here:

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Intense Records…

Kromestar has confirmed a limited white label run of Mere Sher VIP with Mere Sher (Danny Scrilla Remix) on the flip

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on nebula?

Presumably, although I can’t remember. Didn’t mention it being a System release, though

anyone got the flex fm nebula showcase for january and february?


I don’t wanna piss on anyone’s party here, but these tunes are terrible imo.