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anyone got any info on the coki x kromestar collab?

or radio rips :badteeth:


I though I was the only one who never really rated mere sher, not feelin these remixes either tbh. I just don’t like that brassy bass sound that runs through them all. suppose it’s a bit of a marmite tune


Funnily enough I really rate Mere Sher; played it out 'nuff times too.


repost because it’s still criminally underrated and Kromie deserves some love after all the hate


Lol absolutely no hate here just to be clear, mans a ledge


I bought it without listening to the previews, i wonder why …
After listening to the previews i’m asking myself why did i have to click on the buy link.
Ah well …


I don’t like them from the samples. Did listen on laptop speakers tho.


Yet another Kromestar remix murkage


take the boxer, remove all the space that makes the deadly synth so powerful and make it mad noisy.



“Catching up on dubstep” currently is a most disappointing experience.


Right, but it’s not like the original doesn’t still exist. I’ll always prefer space and bass but taken for what it is this is still a weapon IMO.


Not feeling the boxer remix much


Yeah the original is 1000x better but as far as tear out goes its a pretty good remix. I assume in the context of that mix (Distance at the controls) the remix fits in better than the original.


lool i don’t think anyone’s ever gonna describe this as the thinking man’s boxer remix

but i’m diggin

would gun finger and bassface 2 this


Personally I just like mere Sher as a standalone tune, I don’t really enjoy mixing it much.




Progress is a fucking belter


any connection to the youtube channel?


? Me or the label? I have no idea